1. mishell

    I was a hamster wheel.. my friend ended up in a mall while sitting in my living room.. it is super intense and I didn’t like it at all.. that was deff a one n done trip for me! but ppl round me kept doing it for a bit, saw lotta trips that I was thankful I wasn’t on!

  2. Immeorami

    I fucking hate salvia and I agree every time I came off the high I never wanted to do it again. That being said personally this helped me overcome my weed dependency and other drug cravings because whenever I did it I just wanted to be sober, and that 5 or 10 minutes of whatever miserable fuck salvia is was worth not wanting to get high for a few days. Idk I never had any physical addiction just a heavy craving to not be sober and this helped me a lot

  3. BroccoliBear

    I feel like I’m a minority on this subject, but honest to god, salvia is one of my favorite substances. Not like my favorite in the sense that I’m gonna do it all the time, but I find it to be incredibly unique and interesting when the time is right. I have done the full range of doses and have never had anything negative happen.

    Lower to moderately high doses are so silly and fun. I get about a minute of wonky gravity and a glimpse into salvialand, and then I find myself laughing hysterically for at least another 5-10 minutes. Afterwards I just feel… calm. Calm, light, and optimistic. That will last for a while after the effects are gone.

    Higher doses/breakthrough doses are weird. Honestly, there’s not really any point for anyone to ever do these kinds of doses unless they just really want to get blasted off and totally lose it. But like, that’s the point. I feel sorry for people that accidentally break through because they don’t know how to dose it correctly. THAT fucking sucks. But I was careful with it and treated it with respect, and even on doses so high that I no longer know what a drug is, or what a human is, or what life or death is, or even what language is, I have personally never felt any kind of fear or terror from it. In fact, there’s something liberating about it. To just willingly let go of everything. To give up control. To let yourself die. You cannot hold on at that point, and attempting to do so is what causes panic. That’s what I think, anyway. Of course it’s not for everyone, and most people would hate that type of experience, but I guess there’s a few of us psychos out there who really like it.

    I do agree with you in the sense that there’s not much to learn from it. No matter how many times I go back I struggle to pull anything meaningful from the experiences. But, honestly, that’s okay. Not everything has to be profound.