1. wyatt415

    You described almost exactly how it felt when I tried it for the first time. I absolutely HATED the way it made me feel smoking it. For one thing, I smoke way too much for having never tried it before, and I already have bad anxiety, so it really made me flip out. After that, I turned the rest of it into brownies and in edible form, in a much longer dose, I actually liked the way it felt. It made me feel like in a better mood and more giggly for several hours once it finally kicked in. What are your thoughts on CBD and either dabbing it or taking CBD oil sublingually under the tongue?

    1. CG Kid Post author

      CBD doesn’t do much of anything for me. It’s a lot like melatonin. I think it’s great for helping with some issues, but taking it without having issues CBD is known to help the symptoms of is not different than taking melatonin or St. John’s Wart it’s just a lot more expensive.