1. chris

    Emotions are the primary drivers of our behavior. All addictions, serve an emotional purpose. Addictions are not just substance abuses (drugs, alcohol), but also behaviors. You can’t get addicted to a substance or behavior that doesn’t do something for you. In humans, the common denominator behind any compulsive behavior is the desire for a, “quick fix or mood changer,” for how we feel, the need to feel better. Addictive behavior is learned, there is always a reason and a reward.
    The purpose of any addiction is to regain control over intolerably helpless-trapped-powerless feelings, an emotional state. This helplessness is always rooted in something deeply important to the individual.
    We always have a binary choice. We can regain control of helpless feelings with displaced substitute behaviors (quick fixes or mood changers of drugs or other behaviors), or direct healthy behaviors that empower us. What humans really seek is a sense of control. What we really seek is not a drink, a drug, porn or a bet, but a sense of empowerment, in the face of feeling helpless.

  2. antikrist

    I, too, am a dependency user. Your videos helped me come to terms with labeling myself with the title alcoholic which I’ve been in denial about even after 7 months clean. I’m one of four generations of women who are “addicts” of alcohol (including my maternal grandmother who moreso preferred heroin.) I remember at my worst, I was drinking vodka straight from the bottle, vomitting blood, and continuing to drink. Probably drank hard liquor, I dunno, 5 or so times a week for 2 years. I would physically harmed myself in suicidal psychotic rages from age 21-23. I was self-medicating my anxiety and depression. I really believe the only reason I’m no longer drinking, or enjoy it, is that I actually feel “normal” now that I’m on the right dosage of medicine. I really am lucky. I can’t imagine what rock bottom really feels like because I don’t think I hit my low… and that’s terrifying.

    Thank you so, so much for sharing you expierences.