1. Tony6825

    I’ve tried 2c-b once after being given 2 tablets as a tester and was told to make sure that I only took 1! After a coke binge late at night at around 3am I’d ran out of coke so obviously being an addict I snorted 1 whole tablet and ate the other immediately after.

    I was tripping hard…. I went for a walk to try and get more coke to try and get out of this trip. I ended up walking around in circles ending up at the same place every time. It took me around 2 hours which should of been a 5 minute walk. I thought I had like 10 hands and the world was melting around me. I did see a lot of bright colours such as bright purple diamond shapes along walls and my bed mutated into a tree when I eventually got home (I had to get my wife to pick me up as I couldn’t find my way home).

    My wife thought I was going crazy. Just to finish off the coke did nothing to bring me out of this trip and it lasted 6-8 hours.