Innovative Ways to Stop the Drug Problem from a Recovery Advocate

What is the War on Drugs? It’s an Epic Failure…

What’sup guys it’s CG Kid, in this article I plan to share my ideas as to how we can prevent drug abuse outside of the proven ineffective war on drugs. What is the war on drugs? In short, it’s the ideology that making drugs harder to access will inherently stop people from abusing them. It’s an old tactic that has proven failure but fails to be challenged with innovative thought. Currently, President Trump intends to return to old-school tactics of demonization through commercials and to tighten the drug policies, even though neither of these has reduced drug abuse. We need a new approach. As a recovery advocate on YouTube with over 4 million views which puts his personal contact information for addicts to reach out, I have a somewhat of a bright idea in regards to the cause of the drug problem we face. What would I do?

End the Negative Stigma | Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

There’s a presumption that using drugs in the first place is a choice. Is drug addiction a choice? By definition, using drugs in the first-place which is the root of drug addiction is always a choice. However, that choice is made at a young age before the full development of the frontal cortex. The decision-making process of minors is differentiated from adults. As a result, they’re more prone to being influenced by their environment. This differentiation is recognized on a federal level and is why specific laws exist. Most people who choose to use drugs do so at a young age. As a result, frontal cortex and emotional development hindered. When you shame a 30-year-old addict for making that choice to start in the first place, it’s no different than shaming a 14-year-old who made an irrational decision. The condemnation of addicts needs to stop so they can feel safe to reach out.

Focus on Underlying Issues that Make Minors Susceptible to Peer Pressure

Nancy Rogan’s “just say no” campaign was an effort that’s based on the premise that people only use drugs due to peer pressure. But what makes a minor prone to being influenced by peer pressure? The decision to succumb to peer pressure could include suffering mental illness they seek to self-medicate, desperation to fit in with their peers, or living in abusive environments. Why do campaigns that help kids who are being bullied make supportive friendships not exist? Why aren’t there mental health evaluations in schools? Of course, abuse is addressed by CPS. But some forms of abuse, like the lack of co-parenting in a divorce, aren’t even recognized by the public.

Hopefully, this article clarified “what is the war on drugs?” both why has it failed and a possible alternate solution.

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  1. kittenmittens

    I watched your video today on this and I agree with how you said, “We need to let kids know we are there for them. Let them know they’re loved and give them supportive environments.” You gotta start at the root of the problem, ie what makes kids & young adults use in the first place, instead of what we’re doing now.
    I also liked how you mentioned the over-prescribing of medications such as opiates. Many stories I have seen from heroin addicts started because they were injured playing a sport and the doctor prescribed a powerful opiate, despite knowing how easily someone can get addicted to them. Great content once again!

  2. rosie

    love your ideas. once i’ve done battle with my own demons i’d really like to start a real drug education programme for children. one that isn’t about demonizing but giving the facts from people who have been there. i also think the choice to use drugs is also mental health issues that haven’t been addressed. i remember feeling different from quite a young age, when i reached out for help from my parents they put it down to hormones and refused to listen to me even though my mum had been on anti depressants herself for years and was an alcoholic.

    1. CG Kid Post author

      I’ve been pushing highschool’s, it may not happen on my lifetime, but a way to stay sober is fight for what you believe in.

  3. Trustjames

    Hey you should check out this short video on addictions (5 minutes 41 seconds). I share it as much as i can because it sums up and goes along with what you are saying PERFECTLY and the more ppl that watch it, the more understand addiction better. idk if this link will work but here is the URL: