Vyvanse VS Adderall

Vyvanse VS Adderall

For Treatment of ADD or Recreational Use

Keep in mind this is merely my subjective experience along with others I’ve questioned who’ve used both substances extensively. Everyone reacts differently to drugs; there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to drug education. You should also be aware that amphetamines have a high potential for abuse which can lead to drug dependence. Amphetamines do damage the reward pathways in the brain, and inorganic reversal of ADD can cause symptoms of ADD to exacerbate for a prolonged period.

The active ingredients in Adderall are as follows:

  • Dextroamphetamine Saccharate – 25%
  • Amphetamine Aspartate Monohydrate – 25%
  • Dextroamphetamine Sulfate USP – 25%
  • Amphetamine Sulfate USP – 25%

The active ingredient in Vyvanse is pure Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate which is converted to dextroamphetamine by the human metabolism. For people who genuinely have dysfunctional ADD and have ruled out the possibility of misdiagnosis, Vyvanse is a cleaner alternative. The other amphetamine salts found in Adderall cause more side effects which can include the following:

  • Nervousness or generalized anxiety
  • Restlessness and insomnia
  • Easily irritated and aggression
  • dizziness and headaches
  • Tremors or symptoms of motor tic disorder
  • Lack of motivation and physical weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of interest in sex and impotence
  • Increased blood pressure, heart rate, and heart palpitations

While Vyvanse still has similar symptoms from coming off of the substance, they aren’t nearly as exaggerated as they were with Adderall in my experience.

For recreational usage, neither of these drugs should be considered, they are both very dangerous and have strong potential to cause more problems than self-medicating will solve. However, Vyvanse vs Adderall in a recreational sense, Vyvanse is more addictive because you avoid all of the negative symptoms of a comedown. It’s like drinking alcohol with a lighter hangover, your more likely to drink more often or even become an alcoholic.

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  1. sasokess

    You might actually be terribly mistaken. There are studies suggesting that childhood is the best time to give amphetamines. As this will be acting as a trophic support at the glutamatergic synapses, thereby enhancing dopamine-glutamate interactions in the prefrontal cortex in the time where brain plasticity is at its peak.

    Jump to 7:10 if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing.

    1. CG Kid Post author

      I approved this, it was blocked because of a link automatically not by me (I just had to delete bots commenting promoting anal beads lmao!). I’m all about open expression, but I want to strongly assert that I don’t stand behind the statement giving Adderall to a toddler is a good idea. People can throw neurology in my face all they want, in this case, it’s not even linked to a paid subscription to a medical journal with a reference to a neurology report. It’s a guy claiming there are 29 studies without referencing one of them in the description or the video. I want to read the study. But honestly, even then I wouldn’t trust it enough to put amphetamines in a kids mouth. Hell no. At that point, I’d question the legitimacy of the author and would have to do heavy research in their background to see if I can open up a lawsuit for neurology malpractice.

    1. CG Kid Post author

      I’m not positive but I don’t think anything is as effective as Adderall. If I truly had dysfunctional ADD diagnosed and was self-aware of the problem I’d take the lowest dose possible, like 5mg. Just enough to function. 30mg pills are so excessive.

  2. Winter_Beauty

    Hi! I have been suffering and I truly mean suffering for a long time since I was in second grade. I made terrible grades. Never could get my homework done and when istep tests came I never past them. Eventually by the time middle school came I actually had to go to what they called alternative school which was basically for really bad trouble makers but they made me go because I was bullied and very depressed and very anxious and didn’t want to go to school but certainly not because I was a troubled maker. They did this as a kindness. I did okay there but still struggled even though I had a teacher sitting with me a basically giving me a one on one education. I also remember my parents had to start getting me treatment with therapist and psychiatrist and that’s when I was prescribed the worst medications at least for me ANTIDEPRESSANTS. They made me feel absolutely worst do they took me off of them. Well, fast forward a little bit. Eventually, I continued to go to school at alternative school which really only had like at the most 12 students but most of the time it was only 5 students and I only had to WONDERFUL teachers! But when high school came I could no longer go. 😔 Also, I still could not get myself to do homework, I mean I just couldn’t! And I still didn’t do well in alternative school despite my one on one education! They did however allow me to go to alternative school in the 9th grade but would always try to get me back to going to regular high school. So I was always back and fourth. I just couldn’t do regular school it was too much for me! Too much! But the beginning of 10th grade I had to go back to regular school and could not go back to alternative school. On the very first day I walked in there and I actually remembered everything actually looked like it was spinning around me and felt like everyone was staring at me and even though everyone would come up to me and say hi to me and was nice to me I totally started to freak out! I felt super nervous, sick to my stomach, sweaty, well I sure you know all of the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. And that being said I have suffered from that since I was probably six years old. And that being said my pediatrician prescribed klonopin to me at probably seven years old but I told my mom I didn’t like it because it made me feel so strange so they took me off of it. Back to the first day of 10th grade. I actually ran outside panic stricken and crying and couldn’t breathe (panic attack, my first well known panic attack, but as an adult I look back when I was in grade school and remember going to the nurse and bear hugging her feeling super strange and crying uncontrollably where they had to call my mom) and got on the phone and called my mom and she actually came ad got me. So I told my parents that I could not do this anymore and I wanted to drop out. I was 15 years old. I just couldn’t do school. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t ever do homework, I couldn’t do tests, any of it! And I just couldn’t understand why. I always wondered to myself, “why couldn’t I be like everyone else and make at least C’s or B’s why always D’s and F’s!!” So once again the doctors said I had depression and anxiety with panic disorder. But I was a happy and smart girl, except for the low self esteem, depression, and anxiety with panic attack’s that was coming from feeling like I was not like “everyone else”. Well, at 19 years old I managed to get my GED. I tried to get jobs but I never could hold down a job. 😥 So I never had a job! Well I was prescribed antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety meds. Basically you name it I’ve tried it. Well, I did find that Ativan helped A LOT! So I stuck with that medication and am still taking it to this day and I’m 33 years old! Well, of course it worked for my anxiety, I mean why wouldn’t it! It made me feel out going and more at peace with A LOT of my problems. But at a horrible cost. But that’s a whole other story. I did manage to get married and have a baby. And believe or not, I had a healthy baby girl. But they wouldn’t take me off of my Ativan during my pregnancy because the risk was too high of me having horrific withdraws and seizures. And I have had seizures before but luckily not during my pregnancy. My daughter was a NICU baby for two weeks because she was going through withdraws from probably the Gabapentin I was taking every single day. They really didn’t know. Because when I was pregnant I tried to not take the Ativan everyday (2mgs 4 times a day). Started at 1mgs 3 times per day when I was 19 but of course it had to be prescribed to the highest dose because of how long I have been on it. Started the 2mgs 4 times a day dose in 2007. But…antidepressants and all of the other psychological medications except for ADHD medications (no one ever even tested me to see if I have ADHD) never helped me, in fact, made me feel worse! I’m also a extremely suicidal person. I’ve tried many times to kill myself. And I always am thinking about killing myself because I feel like a complete failure at everything (started college and couldn’t finish so I dropped out, I feel like I’m a terrible mother, and wife). I find myself sleeping for days, literally! My mother takes care of my daughter here at my house. My husband takes care of her when he’s home, of course. He’s a career firefighter so he works 24 hour shifts every other day and sometimes his second job for a little extra money. So he’s working a lot. But I can’t seem to concentrate on everyday tasks, I have extremely low energy levels, I can’t cope with a lot of everyday things that most people can. I can’t make plans, I miss doctors appointments, I can’t stick to any kind of routines, I feel worthless! I often have racing thoughts. I can’t even write anything anymore even reading is challenging because I lose focus. Even writing this message out to you was a challenge. My husband tells me you need to start being a adult and stop being such a baby! 😔 I know he’s right but I cannot just do what he tells me to do like “you just need to have more will power!”. I have good long term memory but terrible short term memory. I’ll leave my car keys somewhere and literally seconds later I’m like, “where the fuck did I put those damn keys!” . My question is, and I know you are not a doctor, but you seem to know what you are talking about. Do you think I have ADHD and that it has ultimately been the problem this entire time? If so, what medication would you recommend? I have friends that have let me try their medications, such as Vyvanse 70mgs. And Vyvanse 40mgs. I took them right. One at 7am and OMG it made me feel 100% better! Not high or like superwoman! Just right! And that’s the 70 mg dose. I found that the 40 mg dose did not help in fact I felt more of the side effects. It’s very strange that the lower dose gave me terrible side effects and a horrible “crash” . But the highest dose I had very little to almost no side effects with a very less “crash”. It seemed like it lasted longer and by that time it would wear off I was ready for bed. So I would go to sleep. What medication would you recommend Vyvanse and what dose or Adderall? I have tried adderall but it was a while ago and I’m not sure what the dose was or if it was a Adderall extended release. So please let me know what you think! I think you’re great! You should become a therapist!