Understanding Addiction (Society has it all wrong)

Please, everyone, share this video with as many people as possible, especially friends and family.  People need to change the way addiction is viewed if we want to ever really have a chance at stopping the disease from spreading and manage to help those who of us have it.

I take no credit for this video and I do not own anything.  This video is powerful and has a deeply profound message,

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  1. Consta

    As for our government and our country, they need to be enlightened. One day you will do that. After your successes add up and they hear the stories and realize what you do and talk about is real and see people you have helped and those people go out and do the same for others, there’ll be no denying it then. One day we might just have to take a March on Pennsylvania Ave. Hope you realize how big what you are doing really is!!

  2. Hasher McBudz

    I’ve seen this video, and it’s a damn good one.
    I mean so man older people are on many medications, but have no idea they are addictive.
    I’ve seen a 73yr ol go cold turkey off 80mg oxy ER, oxy30mg IR, Adderall 5mg IR.

    She was sick but didn’t know what addiction was.
    And she stayed clean till her passing.
    Rest in peace

  3. Ellish

    Excellent. Why alienate Addicts and lock them up. Go after Dealers and rather create a support system for us Adicts and their Family…. This video is a must for Family and Friends! Well done and Thank You. 🙌

    1. Trustjames Post author

      If all the money spent on the war on drugs, was spent on recovery centers and harm reduction, i cant even imagine how much better off everyone would be. our prisons wouldn’t be so full, addicts could get help, and the ripple effect would change and help in ways that cant even be predicted. Makes me angry to think about it, instead we have this stupid vendetta against addicts who need help and a crazy load of people in the DEA that shoot us and infringe on our rights and take peoples money all in the name of fighting drugs, and then lock ppl away for life when they are good ppl just needed help. If the war on drugs was ever gonna succeed it would have, but its stupid to think it will win, especially when half the ppl fighting it use some sorta substance themselves.