How I use Marijuana for Productivity as a Hollywood Stuntman

What’s up world! My name is Rustic Bodomov and I’m a professional stuntman living and working in Hollywood, CA.

I want to write this article to put the word out, and share some insights which have helped me take charge of my life using a combination of Medical Marijuana and a Journal. I’ve recently found a way of managing my productivity, time management, and motivation when it comes to Training, Finances, producing Creative Content, and generally making better decisions in my relationships and career.

I would also like to preface this by saying that I recently started researching ADHD  and most of the common problems that I experience with my concentration, decision making, energy levels, and speech patterns line up with the condition.. and some of the “lifestyle changes” that I’ve been incorporating are identical to the recommended changes for people suffering from ADHD.


Marijuana has become an extremely useful tool in my life, once I figured out the particular Strain that makes me productive, and the specific “Terpenes” responsible for giving me motivation and focus.

Terpenes are the actual medicinal molecules you find in cannabis, with THC and CBD being the most prominent. But as far as I know, there are currently 21 other molecules which vary in amounts depending on the strain you are using. Each of these known terpenes has it’s own medicinal properties, and benefits can range from helping Memory and Focus, to reducing inflammation and stopping seizures.

Fortunately I live in California, where I have access to medicinal grade cannabis. This fact, along with copious amounts of Googling and checking Leafly,  gave me the opportunity to experiment with different strains, and to find one that works for me the best. The magical one for me? A sativa strain named Jack Herer (Leafly page)

One of the most prominent Terpenes in Jack Herer, is called Pinene. One of it’s biggest uses is to help with Alertness, Memory and Focus. Pinene is the terpene that I have found helps me concentrate on my work, and to avoid the “scatter brained” effects of other strains.

So how do I use it?

I have a simple “vape pen” battery for which I buy “Jack Herer” cartridges. I find that when I vape pure oil instead of smoking flower, my mind stays clearer. So I use this as a tool for getting lazer-like focus which helps me write, work out, work on my business, and even try new stunts safely (due to added focus and body control).

But a tool without a strategy is just that, a tool. So let’s talk about the strategy!

The main secret to incorporating Cannabis as a productivity tool for your own life is to take it slow when starting out (small hits so you don’t get too high), and to HAVE A NOTEBOOK. Having a physical notebook with you at all times (notes app in the phone has never worked for me, I never check it) will give you a place to write down your breakthroughs and ideas.. which you can then check in the morning to see if it’s something worth doing.

My personal journey has been exactly that. The regular use of a journal keeps me motivated and on track. As long as I get up in the morning and take time to think & journal first, I will be productive most days.

What I do in my journal is write down the 1 most important task for that day (the one that you’d be happy with if nothing else got done), and then I think of 2-3 more…  then I knock out that big one first, and afterwards I will take a hit of the vape to go about the rest of my business.

The key then, is to HAVE A TO-DO LIST and attack it!


Let me just be completely honest with you, and mention the negative side effects and pitfalls, you should avoid.

If you want to turn cannabis into a tool, DON’T SMOKE when you have nothing to do! I believe that we train our brains by repeating behaviors, and if you smoke when you’re not doing anything, you will always associate smoking with not doing anything. And that is what you will do.

I’ve also found that Cannabis is not conducive to complex long term planning, unless you are in a dedicated brainstorming session.. especially if people are asking you a ton of questions and you’re trying to focus on something else. I find that my Jack Herer is best used for times where I have “prepared myself” and my environment, and when I can just focus on one thing at a time.

And those are my thoughts for today! Wrapping this up, I would just like to say.. Cannabis terpenes can be a powerful tool, or a powerful hindrance.

We’ve all seen what can happen if you mindlessly smoke weed and don’t do anything..

But I’m also friends with some REALLY COOL people that you’ve seen on the movie screen… and I’ve seen what they can achieve with the right mindset around Cannabis.

Some of my favorite Actors, Stuntmen, high achievers, motivators, elite athletes, and “renaissance men” all understand how to “Master the High” and use Cannabis terpenes as an effective tool.

So, I invite you to let me know what you think! Have you used Cannabis as a tool in your own life?

Leave a comment below, and check out my YouTube channel.. I mostly hang out over there.



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  1. Lostawolf

    Great article.. btw whats up with russian spam? I use weed both for relaxing and working which can be a dangerous combo, i would like to use it more as a tool rather an enjoyment enhancer for gaming etc. I also find that my creativity increases significantly if i smoke before creating artwork in PS.. Thank you for sharing this key information!