The Salvia Trip Redefines Weird, What’s it Like?

Where’s the Salvia Trip Come From? Salvia Divinorum Defined…

Salvia Divinorum which induces the “Salvia Trip” is the most powerful psychoactive plant in nature. Most, including myself, would argue DMT is the most profound. It’s important to understand power of a substance is relative to the dose and not the experience. While many find the DMT experience more captivating, the dose is 20-30 milligrams while with Salvia it’s only 700 micrograms! That means there’d be over 30 doses of salvinorin-a (the active compound in salvia) in one dose of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. There is only one psychedelic with more power, LSD being active at just 100 micrograms. However, LSD isn’t found in nature. It’s also a potent diterpenoid k-opioid and D2 receptor agonist, it’s a one of a kind drug in it’s activity on the brain. While some refer to Salvia as a “psychedelic” it’s important to note all other psychedelics are 5-HT2A agonist and Salvia is not.

Mazatec shamans have been using Salvia to induce spiritual experiences for a long time. They commonly refer to it as “Eye of The Shepherdess” or “Sage of Diviners”. The Mazatec’s take sublingual doses of Salvia by placing quids of leaves underneath their tongue which would induce a subtle 2 hour long experience. As it became popular in America, American’s would extract varying concentrations of the salvinorin-a and smoke it which would induce an extremely intense 5-15 minute long experience.

Salvia is known to be of low toxicity and a high LD50. This means the substance causes no significant organ damage and is highly unlikely someone could overdose. Studies have shown that Salvia is effective in treating cocaine, alcohol, and inhalant addictions. It’s also very effective in treating pain, it’s dysphoric affect and reverse tolerance (meaning the more you take the lower your tolerance goes) allows it to treat pain without becoming addictive.


What’s the Salvia Trip Like?

Describing the Salvia trip to someone who’s never used the substance is extremely difficult. It completely strips away reality in such a jarring fashion it redefines the words “weird” and “horrific” for many people. Personally, I was more terrified in a Salvia breakthrough experience than I would of been facing imminent death. Why? Because time escapes you. The new reality you’re in has no beginning or end, it always was and will be. You more than forget you took a drug, you completely forget you were ever human.

Commonly you’re turned into an inanimate object in another realm. I’ve turned into things like a slot in a slot machine, a matt stuck to a wall, a conveyor belt in a factory. Not only do you turn into these things but you also have a sense of gravity. In other words, if you turn into a conveyor belt on Salvia you actually feel the belt part of you rotating. There’s a complete dissociation, you’re fully convinced you’re this object. I was more convinced I was a conveyor belt in the Salvia trip than I’m convinced I’m human as I’m currently writing this. Being human is like being a part of the experience of life, while Salvia is like being the experience – not just a part of it. That’s why it’s such a more convincing reality.

I always just want it to end but see no end to it. This is forever, always was, always will be and there’s no escape. I would get moments where I would question things with my heart. An example of this is “why is a slot in a slot machine conscious?” This was a deep and subtle sensation as all of the rest of me was fully convinced that’s what I was.

The After Effects of a Salvia Trip

Once someone experiences this there’s definitely an after effect. One of the after effects I experienced was resemblant of PTSD. I felt traumatized by the experience because it completely destroyed my ego faster than I could handle. I realized reality was like a rug that could be pulled away at any moment. This is very scary when you lived your whole life believing this was the only reality out there. I’ve heard people say they learned nothing from Salvia, but I learned a lot from this trauma. I learned to appreciate reality and my sanity. Before Salvia, I took day to day existence and human consciousness for granted. It also stripped away my ego of “knowing” my reality was the only reality.

I also experienced OCD for quite a while after my first Salvia trip. I would obsess about the experience. When brought up in conversation I could go on-and-on for hours on-end. This was a positive after-effect because the obsession was from the substance spawning significant amounts of wonderment. However, the obsession was a bit overboard. But what do you expect from something that takes you to a reality beyond wildest comprehension? Putting importance on nourishing my sense of wonderment was another lesson I learned from the Salvia trip.

So there you have it! My unbiased views into the Salvia trip experience!

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