Preliminary Pitch – My experience with Research Chems

I would like to know if you would be interested in my story with research chemicals.  You said on your channel you have limited experience with them.  My addiction story is very unusual.  I never touched a drug in my youth.  I was a social drinker but never had a problem. I started experimenting with herbal medicine due to medical illnesses I was dealing with around age 30, which led me to kratom.  Eventually, at age 35 I bought some kratom from an online shop run by an acquaintance, that I later found outsold research chemicals (RC) under the table – like a secret menu.

I had NO idea what an RC was.  I was told “Hey I have this stuff that might help you it’s legal blah blah blah. ” and received several samples in the mail.  At this time, RCs were coming on and off the market pretty fast, with the chemical formulas constantly changing, so there was little info online about the things I got in the mail.  I trusted the person, and I didn’t feel well, so I was desperate for a remedy.  I tried a bit of stuff called E-Hex.  It was a substituted Cathinone like bath salts.  It led me down a horrible descent into addiction to several RCs, including a fentanyl analog that almost killed me.  I was a “good girl” who grew up, got sick, just wanted to feel better and trusted the wrong person.  I am still battling the desire to use, including abusing my prescriptions.  it seemed to turn on some addiction gene in my DNA.

I know these things are still being sold, many of them in a legal “grey area” depending on what state you’re in.  I know that places like Europe and China, and even here in the states are still making these things.  They are so, so dirty.  Dangerous.  Highly addictive.  You have no idea what is in them or what they are cut with.

I would like to go into more detail about the dangers involved and what exactly which ones are readily available including some that contain the fake fentanyl that is killing people.  

Please let me know in the comments if you are interested in more about research chemicals.



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