10 Benefits of Quitting Pot: To Smoke or not to Smoke Weed?!

Hey! My name is Kevin Bryce, I was a long-term Weed Smoker, but I managed to quit pot back in 2016. At the time that I was smoking, I used to use marijuana around 3-5 times per day. I was what you would call an addict, but I managed to tell myself what I needed to quit for, and that’s what finally pushed me over the edge. From my experiences, here are ten good reasons to stop smoking weed:

1 – A healthier lifestyle

Quitting Weed allows you to be more in control of your health. Any substance being added to your body is not natural, and many studies are indicating that marijuana can cause raised blood pressure, liver diseases and in some cases memory loss.

2 – A better sex capability

The chemical THC within Marijuana slows down your bodily processes, allowing you to feel more relaxed and at ease. When participating in intercourse, your body needs energy and a high cognitive function to activate the necessary hormones during sex. Having THC in your system at the time of intercourse can cause issues for both men and women during coitus.

3 – Improved emotional stability

Weed in your order can play around with your hormones. Many people take pot because they are anxious or depressed. Marijuana can be a quick fix for these problems but doesn’t work to resolve the underlying issues. It’s important not to supplement those issues for a long-term using substances as things can build up and become more significant problems to deal with in the future.

4 – Perform better in the workplace

Performing better in the workplace may not be a big one for some people as it is said that only 42% of Americans like their job. With that being said, marijuana does cause your brain to slow down and performing at a high level during work can be tough. Also, if you get caught – in most cases, you’ll lose your job anyway!

5 – Make real friends!

Making real friends may not be the case for you, but when I smoked pot, I used to hang around with a lot of individuals that were not ambitious and dealt with their issues through the vent of the drug. This is not a stable environment to be around if you are facing problems yourself.

6 – Legality factors

This one is relatively self-explanatory. There are only a certain amount of states where weed is legal, and a massive addiction can cause issues for you in specific locations. Here is the link to a map which shows the legal states through VOX.

7 – You can’t drive and smoke

Driving while smoking weed poses a risk to both yourself and everyone around you. The THC in affects reaction times by up to 300% making it difficult to break and react to hazards in time.

8 – It’s VERY expensive

I spent hundreds of dollars per month on weed, and one of my friends worked it out that I was paying close to $10K per year on Marijuana and related products. My addiction was heavy, but understanding how much you are spending on Weed 

9 – Have better control of your sleep

If you have standard difficulty with sleep, it can be hormones or things on your mind preventing to from kipping off. Weed is helpful for doing so, but your body can build up a reliance on the substance to sleep. Having this lack of control over your sleep and needing drugs to control that is not healthy. Quitting weed will allow you to deal with the root of your sleeping problems and have better sleeps again.

10 – Begin to reach your potential

Once you begin to detox, you’ll become much healthier and be more in tune with where you want to go in life. You’ll notice that there are so many things that you can do better and more efficiently by not smoking pot. After I quit, I became a full-time freelance web designer, and I get to work on a comprehensive range web related projects. I recently created a blog called how to stop smoking pot where I aim to help other people with weed addictions.

Here is a link to a similar article about quitting weed that I created on my website on the benefits of quitting cannabisI appreciate you taking the time to read this article. If you are trying to stop weed, the final tip that I can give you is to focus on your mindset and entirely understand precisely where it is that you would like to go. If you feel that any of the points mentioned here were useful, don’t hesitate to drop me a line through my website. I’d love to hear the comments.

Hopefully, this article helped those struggling with marijuana addiction to see the benefits quitting weed can have on their life.

Quitting Weed | Marijuana’s not for Everyone


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  1. XCIX

    Yeah, today is about the 4th day sober from weed for me after 2 years of daily use. It took me a really long time to see it as an issue. In my opinion, marijuana is the safest recreational drug there is. No risk of dying or serious withdrawal symptoms, and the high itself is not dangerous (in other words, you won’t beat your wife or verbally abuse someone like with alcohol). But it is still a drug, and consistently using drugs of any kind will have side effects and consequences.
    I used marijuana to self medicate for my anxiety and depression. While it does work for those things, in the long term it only makes that worse. And it took me a while to see that. Without weed I am bored out of my mind, and generally uninterested in things I used to be passionate about.
    Also, stoners are under the impression that weed is some type of miracle drug that could NEVER cause issues for anyone. This line of thinking is simply illogical and harmful. When you downplay the seriousness of a problem, you are rationalizing on continuing the habit. It’s simply not healthy.

    Throughout the years I’ve spent thousands on weed, and I’ve lost relationships because of it. I would be into a girl, and she would want me to take her out and see the world with her. But all I wanted to do was sit at home, get stoned, and watch YouTube and eat Doritos. It’s this type of lifestyle that makes people think you are a bum. And in reality, you are being a bum when you live this way.

    I am a firm believer in making the choices that you want to make, legal or not. If someone wants to spark a blunt after a long day at work to unwind; cool. That’s fine. But when you let it get to a point that it causes more problems than it resolves, you have an issue. I will be staying sober for this reason.