My Struggle with Tobacco

Hi, I’m Rudy. I’ve been a tobacco smoker for nine years.

At age 15, I started smoking cigarettes. I’m 24 now with Chronic Bronchitis and stage 2 emphysema.

My Mother died from smoking at age 57 due to emphysema.

I want everyone to know right now. If you smoke, I want you to give up cigarettes. Now.

It is not worth anything. Cigarettes are a massive waste of your potential. It only brings death and misery. It also destroys families and tears them apart. I lost both my parents due to smoking (and drinking). They are two very legal drugs in this country.

All you need to quit with is your mind. You don’t need books, rehab, nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s). None of that crap. All you need to say is, “I’m done. I don’t need this anymore. It’s destroying my lungs, it’s burning a hole in my pocket, and it is pure evil manufactured by companies to rob you of your money and leave you in a crippled body.”

You wouldn’t believe what kind of chemicals they put into tobacco. Roughly 4000 chemical compounds are in a single cigarette (with 200 being unknown).

The Suffering from Long-Term Tobacco Use

My mom died a slow and painful death for five days. I still hear her screams of agony when she was fighting for every breath. She went unconscious the last day, and her eyes turned yellow. The last time I saw her I was hoping we could talk. But there was such little oxygen in her bloodstream all she could do was try to open her eyes to look at me. She couldn’t even do that.

What I saw that night was pure torture of my sanity. It still messes me up every day knowing that my mom died in agony. All that immense stress she went through. All of the bull she fought through her 57 years. She was trying to make it to retirement. But we all know who got that retirement money… take a guess.

Problems with the Tobacco Industry

This system is ridiculous in the year 2018 when big tobacco companies can get away with killing my mom. But they would say: “Oh we didn’t get her hooked on smokes. She did.” Well, why in the hell do you have drugs equivalent to rat poison that kids are picking up on and smoking? Wouldn’t common sense tell you that this is what is destroying our entire country? Smoking is the #1 preventable death in the world, and still is 100 YEARS LATER.

But we know the real reason why you still sell these demonic cancer sticks… hmm… lemme guess… BINGO! GREEN FAT STACKS OF MONEY!!! CHA-CHING!

This greed is the most significant downfall of humanity. The love of money is the root of all evil.

If you loved kids so much you wouldn’t have got my mom addicted to tobacco at age 7. SEVEN!!!!!

And now look at whats happening to kids nowadays. They’re smoking!!! And they’re trying to ban vaping as if that makes any sense at all!? You’ll ban vaping but keep cigarettes fully stocked on store shelves behind the counter. Gee, I wonder why. Oh, maybe its because vape stores cut into your profit? That’s right! The tobacco companies aren’t in a piece of the pie of money that the vape stores are making, so they’re trying to sabotage and snuff out vaping to save their profits.

When you put profits over people, you get this mess.

How I Quit Smoking Tobacco

What worked for me is to buy sporting equipment. You would not believe how much nice and awesome stuff they have that you can get at Source for Sports. They have lacrosse sticks, cool American design backpacks, Canadian hockey jerseys, you name it.

I just got a new green & black lacrosse stick, and I walk around the city playing lacrosse at the arena. It helps me get into an enjoyable hobby and gets me moving throughout the day.

That’s how you quit smoking. Take up a million new hobbies, go out there and explore the world with your two hands God gave you. It’s your life so go out there and try new things. But whatever you do, DONT SMOKE!

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  1. Gregswailes1990

    That was a good read I have also stopped for a few days now im in a similar situation with my lungs i caused myself tension pnuemothorax which needed surgery and early stages of emphesema its not easy all the best