How to Get Sober From Addiction & Alcoholism

How to Get Sober

There is so much information on how to get sober. Some of the information comes from rehabs that want a quick check, some of it comes from people who don’t truly understand drug addiction and alcoholism. As a former poly-addict who now has over 4 years of sobriety, I’m going to share with you the […]

The Salvia Trip Redefines Weird, What’s it Like?

Salvia Trip

Where’s the Salvia Trip Come From? Salvia Divinorum Defined… Salvia Divinorum which induces the “Salvia Trip” is the most powerful psychoactive plant in nature. Most, including myself, would argue DMT is the most profound. It’s important to understand power of a substance is relative to the dose and not the experience. While many find the […]

How to Quit Drugs Without Rehab

How To Get Sober Without Rehab

How to Quit Drugs Without Rehab Once in a while I’m asked an absurd question, “how to quit drugs without rehab?” To put things in perspective, the absurdity to this question is no different than “how can I make money without a degree?” There are millions of people who make good money without a degree, […]

The DMT Trip – The Most Profound Experience A Human Can Undergo

The DMT trip is without a doubt the most mysterious thing that has entered my life… The DMT trip comes in two categories which often get confused, a sub-breakthrough and a breakthrough. While it is the same drug, the experience between these dosages varies tremendously.  Symptoms of a high dose sub-breakthrough “being on the edge”: Still have […]

Shrooms And Depression – Are Psilocybin Mushrooms an Effective Anti-Depressant?

Shrooms And Depression – Are Psilocybin Mushrooms an Effective Anti-Depressant? Perhaps you’ve reached this article because you’re seeking an alternate treatment to prescription drugs that is more natural and effective long-term, or perhaps you suffer from depression and already discovered shrooms has helped alleviate some of your symptoms. Regardless, my hopes is that this article gives […]

Does Staying Sober Get Easier Over Time?

Does Staying Sober Get Easier? I will never forget those early days in sobriety where staying sober was something I had to do one day at a time. I remember getting the obsession to use and instantly reinforce “I can get high tomorrow” luckily for me tomorrow never came, but I was still filled with this […]

Relationship With an Addict – How to Help Them Get Sober

Being in a relationship with an addict If you are in a relationship with an addict and you love that person then you’re probably suffering from their addiction. It’s not easy to love someone and simultaneously watching them kill themselves, the worse part of it all is that you feel utterly powerless to prevent their […]

Missing Your Ex And How to Recover From The Grief

Symptoms of grief from missing your ex Those who’ve been following my page know that I’ve been through a lot of tough times in my life. From being addicted to methamphetamine, my parents divorce, being bullied, being homeless, eating disorders, pretty much you name it – I’ve been there. But nothing I’ve been through equates to […]

Benadryl Addiction – The Problem And How I Overcame it

My struggle with benadryl addiction began when I was getting sober from other substances. I remember being at my mom’s house and taking 4 pills (the equivalent to 100mg of diphenhydramine HCl), about a hour in I closed my eyes and felt this wave of relaxation followed by a series of lucid dreams. It wasn’t […]