Most Dangerous Drugs I’ve Experienced

I’m a former poly addict with over 4 years of sobriety as I’m writing this. A poly addict means I was addicted to multiple substances, we’re commonly referred to as “trash cans” for our enjoyment of anything that alters the mind. I made it my life mission to experience every substance that was out there. In that mission I somewhat succeeded. I’ve done all the commonly known drugs and some of the research chemicals, but for anyone to say they’ve done every drug is a lie – there’s so many of them out there! In this article I’ll share the most dangerous drugs I had experienced.

MDMA (Ecstasy)

While the LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of people) of pure MDMA is relatively high in comparison to other drugs, the high was so great it was hard to respect the substance. Because of this, I would dose way higher than necessary and go on ridiculous binges throughout the night. This drug can be benign, but the excitement and itch to take more consumed me. I would end up taking so much ecstasy I’d forget to drink water which could easily cause death through dehydration, it’s a wonder I survived.


Alcohol ranks close to the top for the simple fact it made me prone to violent behavior. Inhibitions exist for a reason and prevent us from going overboard when we’re ticked off. Without those inhibitions my anger would escalate way further than necessary. The lowered inhibitions also caused me to engage in other forms of dangerous behaviors, but giving into anger was the most prominent.

Methamphetamine & Cocaine

Stimulants in general again have a relatively high LD50, it’s hard to directly overdose, but they lead to dangerous behaviors. With cocaine or methamphetamine my libido would be kicked into overdrive. This would cause me to engage in promiscuous behavior I otherwise wouldn’t have. I got lucky and didn’t catch any STD’s because I couldn’t get laid, but I imagine it a very viable outcome of using these drugs. Also, meth in particular is extremely addictive and can trigger meth psychosis. With meth psychosis you can completely lose touch with reality and do things that harm yourself or others. The addiction can get such a tight grip you’ll violate every moral code you have to obtain the substance.

Opiates Are the Most Dangerous Drugs I’ve Used

I saved what I consider the most dangerous drugs for last, which is in my experience opiates. With only using heroin a few months I overdosed multiple times. The drug leaves you with this itch to have more until it’s too much. I would go into using heroin afraid of overdosing so I would start small, but I would always work my way up until I was barely breathing. Also, heroin can be laced with Fentanyl which is an extremely dangerous prescription opiate, you never know what you’re getting when it comes to heroin.

I hope my tales of the most dangerous drugs I’ve experienced has helped you with harm reduction. Below is a video from the author of this article, subscribe to his channel for video content!



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  1. Mark remell

    Hi, i must say I enjoy the layout of your website. But your articles seem to be lacking any real detail. To be honest i feel like u copy pasted a wikipedia page. You mention that these articles are written from your personal experience, Please give more details! And perhapes( just throwing this out there,) try to give cannabis some brownie points foe being one of the safest drugs on earth and support legalization. Also support mdma legalization, u mention its relatively safe in proper doses, perhapes add more detail so the uneducated reader isn’t like ” all drugs are bad ummkay”. I do like ur site, and enjoyed ur articles nontheless.

    1. CG Kid Post author

      But all drugs have their dangers. To neglect that is ignorance. I had a severe problem with marijuana and my brother got denationalization that lasted years. No I don’t think any drug is safe. Also, if you don’t like how I write stop reading my content. I appreciate constructive feedback but at the same time I think this article was great and that’s what’s important to me.