1. mishell Post author

      Thank you for havin my back from the getgo !!
      Love the quotes pls keep em comin when u can! Hope you are well man!! šŸ’›

  1. JC85

    So inspired of your ability to get out here and share, I am back on my 3 day clean and sober kick. Thought I’d check out the website and see what your video was about.

    1. mishell Post author

      That means alot, knew i wanted to make it but was hard to dive in and do it… I hope to do more if ppl are feelin em. Good for you lady! I know it isnt east to stop, hope we get to chat soon!!

  2. mishell Post author

    aahh monkey face emoji hahaha thanks back all.. this place is helping me keep it together, so im happy to repay in anyway by being available to anyone who wants to chat, drop me a msg. pls bare w me im extremely unorganized and imperfect and I have the shittiest phone, so if takes a bit to get back to you my apologies, ill get better at this im sure haha, so greatful to be here .. #blush #stayingfocused #realhelp #love #thankyou šŸ™‚

  3. mishell Post author

    Busy weekend but a good one. Sry havnt been on much. Hope to catch up on some chats tomorrow. Xoxox hang in there everyone. Love to everyone here. Another day šŸ˜˜

  4. jmd418

    You are truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your video. Iā€™m very happy to have found this site.

  5. Natasha

    You are amazing Mishell!!!
    Thank you for everything. Your support is so real and caring. I am grateful for you and the warm welcome you’ve given me. Nice to put a face to the lovely lady in the chat room.
    Much love and peace,

  6. LifeGrind

    Hey, I really liked this, it takes courage to speak out about being an addict.. I would like to do the same.. I want to make friends with you but I dont know how to add you, I dont see the option to add people by clicking on their profile.. Also, how do you post a video like you did so everyone on this platform can see my story as you did? thanks for the help, its really hard to find these answers here and CG kid a hard person to get a hold of.. ty

    1. mishell Post author

      Ill pm u. I made it then when he was aware i put it unlisted on utube n sent him the link so he could post it. He works hard and made this cus its impossible to respond to all the msgs it sounds like he gets. Thanks for the like. Again ill send u a msg šŸ™‚

  7. shai

    you ‘re wicked mishell..I wish I can speak and makin video like you to show my my feeling seeking for help and sharing my bad days now.unfortunatelly my English speaks is not so good…so. please don’t stop fighting…we are for you together. regard n loves from Malaysia.

  8. Ellish

    Mishell, that took guts. You a brave and stunning person. Nice to actually hear your voice… Your personality shines through so clearly. You are a inspiration. Carry on girl, their is alot of us that follow you! šŸ˜˜

  9. Smileycaz

    Hey Mishell, thanks for the introduction vid. You’re cool, thanks for the words of support and agree with you 100% it’s a great platform and CG Kid is awesome. šŸ˜Š