Always Alone Methaqualone | A Subjective Experience Report

I am a sedative  Enthusiast. I guess I should upload something sedative related.

I tried to access methaqualone ever since wolf of Wall Street came out. Silly I know. But I just love that vintage 1950-70s vibe. I want something that can give me the same feeling that 10mg of Valium did eight years ago. I have had brief partial detoxes, but not enough to reset my receptors to baseline, if they can ever go back to their natural state.

Some of my attempts I documented live. But only in journal format, this is usually a failure as I fell asleep pretty quickly after dosing. I was typically sedentary when experimenting, reports from other research technicians say more pleasure is derived if one moves around or dances to music. But I am too lazy for that. 

[thypical short diary report]

“8:18 18.1.2018 pulse 110.

Strange tingling

A slight headache

Another failure?

Feel slightly itchy.”

Only once did I write a full report. (Below)


Test subjects specifications: 85kg, 177cm, 26-year-old Caucasian male.

Experiment conditions: in bed not being active, watching a movie, full stomach.

Experience: 2/2/2018 10.30pm

After consuming a sandwich and several nonalcoholic drinks, the subject (x) administered five prepared capsules of bliss (Methaqualone HCl). The dose calculated as 2.5 grams, the preparation was likely, not pure, with a slate gray appearance with a hue of green, the only analysis performed was a melting point (m.p 255-260 degrees Celsius) and crude recrystallization from ethanol.

X has already developed a tolerance to sedatives including daily consumption of clonazepam, bromazepam and/or zopiclone with an average regular diazepam equivalence of 10-20mg of Valium (diazepam). Previous experiments with bliss using 300mg and 1000mg were uneventful and resulted in only transient sedation and sleep.

This higher dose tested with no other substance.

30 minutes after taking the capsules typical extreme fatigue developed gradually. After 45 minutes x was too tired to continue watching the movie. The only notable difference between benzodiazepines and barbiturates was a noticeable and oddly pleasant tingling especially in the hands, accompanied by a less prominent bodily paresthesia.

X considered recounting the experience as it happened but was too tired to write and fell asleep. Waking at 12.30pm the next day after approx 13 hours of unconsciousness.

Upon waking, there’s a specific cognitive deficit, and extreme ataxia and lack of coordination. Basic tasks are difficult. Writing this script requires and extreme exertion to perform; requiring many spelling and grammar corrections, and recordings.

The impairment is very noticeable when one walks about, often bumping into objects and unable to walk in a straight line.

X considers Methaqualone to be a standard but flawed sedative hypnotic defined by its relatively low potency, little to no euphoria experienced coupled with inordinate next day cognitive deficits and prominent ataxia and lack of coordination.

Methaqualone has been, undoubtedly, glamorized in various media and public forums. The fact that it is banned makes obtaining and consuming it even more appealing. However, the effects are similar to alcohol, and it offers little more than what the standard selection of benzodiazepines provide.

If one is already a seasoned sedative hypnotic user it is a suggested that there’s a mini 2-4 week detox preceding sampling Methaqualone. The dose and effects are highly variable, the usually prescribed treatment dose in the 1970s was in the range of 300mg. This dose should be enough to make a person drowsy and promote sleep. Beyond that the effects are highly variable and dependent on the quality of the powder the person’s weight, tolerance to sedatives and if they have eaten recently.

Beware of the insidious amnesiac and ataxic properties this substance has. At higher doses, you may still be awake an active but not remember the next day what you have done.

-Peace, love, and harm reduction


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