Meth VS MDMA | Similarities and Differences

Meth VS MDMA (Ecstasy)

Similarities and Differences

Meth VS MDMA (Ecstasy) is commonly brought up because both substances are phenethylamines. Meth and MDMA are both often referred to as the most euphoric recreational substances as well. There’s also a misconception that MDMA would be similar because MDMA stands for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine. However, the truth is there are far more differences between these two compounds than there are similarities.

The Empathogen

MDMA is an empathogen – a class of psychoactive drug that induces states of emotional openness, a sense of being connected with others, and feelings of intimacy with oneself and their surroundings. Like meth, ecstasy is a stimulant flooding the brain with excitatory neurotransmitters, but meth isn’t as much of an empathogen likely due to the fact it doesn’t increase levels of serotonin as substantially as MDMA. Instead of feeling open to others, you feel more closed off and ego-centric with extreme narcissistic self-confidence that is pleasurable.

The Tolerance

Ecstasy has a rapid and permanent tolerance build, even a year after ecstasy is used it loses its “magic.” Methamphetamine on the other hand always works. Tolerance can build on long binges; However, after hibernation or a tolerance break, the substance comes back just as strong as when you first used it.

The Route of Administration

The route of administration with methamphetamine and cost made it far more addictive, smoking meth or using it intravenously causes an instant peak within seconds. The immediate rush from the substance immediately crossing the blood-brain barrier makes to the ritual of meth usage directly correlated with an extreme surge of “feel good” neurotransmitters the brain craves as a survival instinct. This direct correlation has led my mind seeing the pipe or syringe as a critical source of dopamine and is likely why I still dream about paraphernalia regularly even seven years since I’ve used anything that has involved a needle or freebase pipe. The cost of meth for the amount of euphoria is substantially cheaper in comparison to ecstasy.

Both of these drugs are dangerous, dumb decisions were made on my part, and hopefully, someone else can learn from my mistakes before its too late.

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  1. Francolombian

    You’re so brave to talk so vividly about your experiences and to therefore trigger cravings. You can see it on your face and with your sighs. You’re such an inspiration. For XTC, the magic went away too for me and at the end I was taking like 10 pills a night to find the high to just finish up with muscle cramps all over my body and not being able to sleep or eat. Then the days after I was so weak and depressed. And yes, no erections on XTC either nor able to achieve orgasms. I’ve never tasted Meth and thank God I didn’t. On my way on recovery with just 14 days today of soberness. Thanks for this informative video and blog.