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    Hey all, it’s been a few months. I was doing really well for a while. I got straight As for the first time last semester, was sober asside from smoking maybe once a week, and even had a girlfriend. She dumped my ass a few weeks ago, and I’ve been a mess. Started drinking every day. Pot makes me parinoid now, probably because im in a bad place. My fear of alcoholism came true, I just needed that straw that broke the camels back. Its causing me physical problems like some nasty gastritis. I’m seeing a counselor now. Im pretty lonely here on campus, so I could use you guys to talk to more than ever. Id like to turn to you guys instead of the booze. If anyone wants to vent / listen, please hit me up. I could use that connection right now

    • I m here if you need me bro…

      • Same to you. I got a box of whine and i wanna slap that bag down so bad rn. But DXM withdrawals sound much worse so if you can keep away so can i

    • I’ve been gone alot from here lately since I’m struggling with this massive shitshow that exploded at my work.

      But I’m normally on this site alot everyday. So hit me up anytime and if I happened to miss your messages, I ALWAYS try to get back to the sender.

      So I’ve cut my life down to performing the basic top priority functions of daily life and nothing more. Other than that, I’ve just shut the world out and have basically curled up into a ball in a corner and just try to forget everything. Anything to ease my panic attacks and racing mind.

      I unfortunately know the pain of a breakup. It’s been about maybe 5 years since my divorce and I still haven’t fully recovered. Im not sure it’s the best therapeutic option but I just shut everything out that doesn’t need my Immediate attention. Just live life from one minute to the next. Living strictly with the Immediate present. And when I start to slip into worrying about the future or depressed about the past I just force myself to actively do something.

      Stay strong and hang in there.

      • Thanks man Good advice. Its just hard because I’m stressed the fuck out with school and work, and she was my escape. Now I’ve replaced it with booze. Im trying to do what you’ve said but I’m pretty overwhelmed with it right now. we just had a a week and a half off basically with that polar vortex so now were playing catch up. Idk how I can keep up with my homework and Im not getting any sleep so the bottles all that makes me feel good right now. I cant even enjoy pot anymore it makes me think about everything i need to take care of. Anyways, i haven’t had a drink in 2 days so thats good but I’m losing my damn mind over here!! At least i have my guitar to keep me sane. Ill try to find more time to play it if I can it helps me do what you said: live in just that moment