• wipicoco posted an update 5 months ago

    Any of you live alone? I find myself lonely late at night, not being able to sleep unless i drink something or smoka da ganja, just to not think about the inevitable heat death of the universe or that one time in 6th grade when i was a dick and called brandon a loser lol. What do you guys do to fall asleep naturally without racing thoughts?

    • It’s hard man, I keep occupied till it’s time. Sometimes this is work other times it’s Netflix and relaxing. I think waiting with my eyes closed feels super depressing, one of my biggest triggers. To change when I fall asleep I force myself to wake up earlier so I get tired earlier.

    • @wipicoco I too have a lot of issues with not being able to fall asleep when I need/want to no matter how tired I actually am due to depression and anxiety. Have you heard of ASMR? I watch ASMR videos on YouTube and it actually helps a lot. To someone who’s never heard of it before it can be really strange to watch these videos at first lol but there’s so many different kinds out there and they’re said to help relieve anxiety and depression and help you sleep.

      • Thanks you three. I also have restless leg so that makes it extra hard without something to numb the body. Ive tried asmr, guided meditation also helps a little more. Neither do the trick like a little booze, I just always have way more than i need. I do sleep in most days and haven’t looked in to those supplements. Or melatonin. Ill give those a try! Appreciate it 🙂

    • I know it can be hard, things that help me are youtube/netflix, calling someone I care about before sleeping, a purring cat on my chest, a weighted blanket, being exausted, masterbation.

      I also know since I starded taking folium acid and magnezium (+ ginseng) I sleep less but I sleep faster, calmer and deeper. So maybe have checked if you have a shortage on any of those if that also gives issues.