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  • wipicoco posted an update in the group Group logo of Break ups/CodependencyBreak ups/Codependency 2 months, 1 week ago

    I miss having someone to do things for and take care of. Made me feel meaningful and now theres a hole there. How can I care about myself like I cared about her? Its been almost a month now and its all I think about some days. I feel like I’m obsessed but I can’t stop it. I wish I could just move on but I don’t want to

  • wipicoco posted an update in the group Group logo of ALCOHOLALCOHOL 2 months, 1 week ago

    Drank again tonight. Too much shit to worry about. Wish I could control myself better

  • wipicoco posted an update in the group Group logo of ALCOHOLALCOHOL 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hey all, it’s been a few months. I was doing really well for a while. I got straight As for the first time last semester, was sober asside from smoking maybe once a week, and even had a girlfriend. She dumped my ass a few weeks ago, and I’ve been a mess. Started drinking every day. Pot makes me parinoid now, probably because im in a bad place. My…[Read more]

    • I m here if you need me bro…

      • Same to you. I got a box of whine and i wanna slap that bag down so bad rn. But DXM withdrawals sound much worse so if you can keep away so can i

    • I’ve been gone alot from here lately since I’m struggling with this massive shitshow that exploded at my work.

      But I’m normally on this site alot everyday. So hit me up anytime and if I happened to miss your messages, I ALWAYS try to get back to the sender.

      So I’ve cut my life down to performing the basic top priority functions of daily life…[Read more]

      • Thanks man Good advice. Its just hard because I’m stressed the fuck out with school and work, and she was my escape. Now I’ve replaced it with booze. Im trying to do what you’ve said but I’m pretty overwhelmed with it right now. we just had a a week and a half off basically with that polar vortex so now were playing catch up. Idk how I can keep up…[Read more]

        • Sorry I haven’t been around. I just have limited my activity even more. I just have lost all passion for anything. Even personal conversation. I write you because I wanted to at least let you know you truly don’t suffer alone. I get the impression that you too have very little resources for emotional support as do I. And that itself takes it’s…[Read more]

  • wipicoco posted an update 7 months ago

    Any of you live alone? I find myself lonely late at night, not being able to sleep unless i drink something or smoka da ganja, just to not think about the inevitable heat death of the universe or that one time in 6th grade when i was a dick and called brandon a loser lol. What do you guys do to fall asleep naturally without racing thoughts?

    • It’s hard man, I keep occupied till it’s time. Sometimes this is work other times it’s Netflix and relaxing. I think waiting with my eyes closed feels super depressing, one of my biggest triggers. To change when I fall asleep I force myself to wake up earlier so I get tired earlier.

    • @wipicoco I too have a lot of issues with not being able to fall asleep when I need/want to no matter how tired I actually am due to depression and anxiety. Have you heard of ASMR? I watch ASMR videos on YouTube and it actually helps a lot. To someone who’s never heard of it before it can be really strange to watch these videos at first lol but t…[Read more]

      • Thanks you three. I also have restless leg so that makes it extra hard without something to numb the body. Ive tried asmr, guided meditation also helps a little more. Neither do the trick like a little booze, I just always have way more than i need. I do sleep in most days and haven’t looked in to those supplements. Or melatonin. Ill give those a…[Read more]

    • I know it can be hard, things that help me are youtube/netflix, calling someone I care about before sleeping, a purring cat on my chest, a weighted blanket, being exausted, masterbation.

      I also know since I starded taking folium acid and magnezium (+ ginseng) I sleep less but I sleep faster, calmer and deeper. So maybe have checked if you have a…[Read more]

  • wipicoco posted an update in the group Group logo of ALCOHOLALCOHOL 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hi there, I could use some input on my life and how I’m getting through it. My name’s Pierce. I’m currently a 3rd year college student, turned 21 earlier this year, and I’ve learned well how to cope with negative experiences in my life. My family has an extensive history of use and abuse of both alcohol and tobacco. My grandfather was a terrible…[Read more]

    • Hi there; I have the same problem of trying to find something replace alcohol with. Though I think the answer for inner problems are inside and not found by looking for a solution outside ourselves. My advice is to get help before it gets to be a real problem. I waited 20 years and ended up in a shit storm that was my bottom to stop…

      • Alcohol can be really though to quit; plus it s so easily available and socially acceptable in our society…I know that pain…

        • If you wait too long, alcohol withdrawals are really scary; one can even die from it.

          • You’re right, I just don’t know what to do because it’s literally in every social circle I am a part of. Even family. And I just moved in to my own place so I’ve been lonely already. I can’t just avoid it or I’ll have no one left to hang out with, which is not good for me I need to be with others or I get depressed and anxious

            • Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it. I recommend pot if you can get a hold of it but I wouldn’t just replace it. Pot can be just as life destroying if you abuse it. If I can afford it, I try my best to only use it as a reward for getting through a long day. I have friends who do it all day and night, and it really can draw you in and…[Read more]

            • I use pot and kratom for the cravings, but like you said I dont want to really replace it but its a temporary solution, until I deal with the real reasons for my cravings which are inside myself…

            • Meditation and music really help me also…


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