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    A little tip I have learnt.. When something happens and we feel the need to use its often very impulsive. If you make sure you don’t act on that impulse and you take time to reflect on those feelings you may find the need to use reduce or go completely.

    • I can relate to this. I once had two weeks off of everything besides caffeine then one day I just felt sick of being sober and got high on weed, and I ended up going right back to everyday weed and going back to using other drugs. My drug use is not as bad now as other times in my life but I’m still thinking about trying to get off everything again and if I try I have to be more ready for this kind of situation.

      • I’ve been there my friend, whatever you choose to do you have my support. It’s not easy but with the right steps I think you can do whatever you put your mind to. For me it was having to change the way I viewed sobriety. I felt like I was missing that thing that made me.. me. Now when I’m sad I feel it when I’m happy I feel it, there’s so much more emotional clarity and it feels good to have authentic emotions rather than ones I have induced myself into with drugs.
        All the best!

        • I stopped smoking after heavy usage and every time I tried smoking after it was a bad experience the biggest issues have been disturbing dreams and years of repressed emotions coming out