• Spazzercat posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey. Heroin addict here. Did Suboxone maintenance for 4 months and now it’s been a over month since my last dose of sub. Depression doesn’t seem to be getting any better? I have no motivation or desire to do anything. I’m always exhausted. Feels like I’m more miserable now than at my lowest point homeless and strung out. I do not have health insurance. Anyone have any tips on how they found energy/ motivation in recovery?

    • I plan to make my next video on this, it’s subjective but small things help. Accepting you won’t recover overnight and it takes action I started with diet and little things to feel better about myself.

      • Thank you. Acceptance has been difficult for me as I had to leave the place I love and have not quite accepted that I can’t go back there anytime soon. I changed everything about my life in a day and have been dwelling on home sickness and regret. I’ll have to work on letting that go. Thanks again for your response.