• sonni sepi posted an update 3 months ago

    hi everyone…i am new here.i decided to join this group because i am in trouble relapsed 2 weeks already.hope somebody can share some advices for me,thank you.god bless you

    • hi there..newbie here also..ive been in recovery for 12 yrs..(many,,many relapses in these years)..alcohol,,,lsd..shrooms,,heroine,,crack,,and back to the drink….18 months sober,,,and clean AND sober on for 1 yr on the 14th january!!!,,,,one day at a time..whats been your poisons?..and how you doing/what you doing for your recovery?…peace

      • i been cleaned almost 1 year till last april, minor relapsed for couple months and i did handle it .and been clean again(totally zero drugs) till last month. and i cant believe i back on drug again last month…..and it seem like it pushing me harder this time.i am getting lost control now

      • i doing heroin and meth