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    Hey, never thought I liked coke every time I did it just made me feel paranoid and shitty but I ended up getting alot for a really good tag and it was very pure.. I got rid of 1/4 of it and had my money back. Now I’ve been using it daily about a teenth to 3.5g a day going on 4 months now, I don’t smoke it or shoot it.. I’m on subs but 9 years off dope I’ve been slowly tapering but I’m at 4mg. Any idea how to stop this stuff? I try so hard but now it’s so hard to get up I can’t get going unless I do some, the harder I try to stop the more I do.. is there any meds that could help with this? I have etizolam but it doesn’t do a whole lot.. so sick of it tho any good tips would be amazing thanks