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    I’m currently a high functioning heroin addict. I have a ritual: when I wake up, I blow my nose, brush my teeth, make my lunch for work & then rail my line. I’m usually good until lunch, and then just go crazy when I’m finally home.

    I let it get out of hand really quick… at first it was just on weekends, then I noticed I could work like crazy on it, so id just do it every few days. that turned to every other day, to every day. when I went on vacation, I didn’t even think of picking up any. that’s when I got dope sick the first time. and now I feel trapped.

    i can’t work without it. I can’t save my money cuz I need a lot just to not get sick. I have a really good job, but it’s a small company and my position is too important for me to take a few days off to detox.

    Does anyone have any advice? I wanna quit so badly. but Idk how to work without it now. I’ll have to learn how to be sober again. I have Xanax for the peak of withdrawals.

    how long will the withdrawals last? I only snort it, never shot as I am afraid of needles. but I still go thru a half gram a day.

    • MOZZ replied 6 months ago

      only thing I can give is what I did. I’ve tried weaning off. Tried methadone, suboxone, Ayahausca, fucking ghb.
      I had to lock myself away and go to long term treatment. I maintain by recovery meetings and step work now.
      I feel ya though man. I couldn’t work without it either

    • I dont have nearly as important of a job but I dealt with the same issue because the first time around when I went cold Turkey and did a 28 day program with another 2 months off work I just couldn’t get the motivation to get back up and go to work so the second time around I took the suboxone route and it’s been working pretty well, there’s no shame in suboxone if it’s the only real option and if it’s a more suitable method for you, I just couldn’t take the time off work then still feel motivated to go back after, hope it helps, hang in there!

      • I really don’t want to be on suboxone. I can see myself getting 2 8mg pills for the withdrawals, but to be on them regularly? doesn’t seem any better than dope really, besides subs being cheaper if I got a script.

        so if I go cold turkey, when should withdrawals be peaking? I’m thinking i stop on a Thursday & just go thru with it. I can handle one day of being sick at work. & I can deal with the sickness over the weekend.

        ideally I want the peak of the withdrawals to be Saturday & Sunday so is Thursday early enough to quit?

        • I mean I’ve been on them for a while but I’m slowly but steadily lowering my dose, started at a measly 4mg and down to 2mg right now, some people even taper as quickly as a month but I can understand the fear of ending up like a lot of other people who are on it the rest of their lives but if you’d like to go cold Turkey I’ll try to help as much I can but no matter what you do it’s going to be hell so just be ready for it, how well can you function at work when you dont sleep and are tired/agitated/off? Maybe look into natural supplements to help with some of the symptoms of withdrawals but for me I’d say they peaked around the 3rd day but of course it can be different for everyone, if you manage to ha e the patience and energy I highly suggest going for a lot of walks to help you relax a bit and maybe even some yoga, sweets can help the cravings a little if your stomach can handle them, I found popsicles were the best, warm showers often, I’ll keep trying to think of things.

          • Also for me the hardest part of the withdrawals was about 10 days but some people feel symptoms for weeks or even months, it really depends on the person.

            • Also feel free to message me if you need, I’m pretty busy sometimes but if you decide you need someone to ask questions or just talk to while you’re going through the process I’ll do my best to respond

          • The only reason I don’t want suboxone is because my brother is on them & he can’t function without them now too. I’m not knocking anyone who uses them to treat dope addiction.

            As far as working, if symptoms peak around day 3 & 4 i should be good by Monday. I have Xanax to help me sleep, and kratom for the rest of the symptoms. I’ll also be smoking hella weed to boost my mood, I know that’s helped me in the past.

            Thanks for your input man you don’t know how much of a help it is just to hear from somebody! I’m gonna try this weekend bud. I’ll keep you updated

            • Glad to help 🙂 benzos unfortunately didn’t help me sleep when I went through the process but maybe they’ll work for you, if you could find actual sleeping pills they might be more beneficial, like zopiclone or something similar, the weed will probably help though

            • Going cold Turkey is definitely better in the long run though, I’m finding suboxone withdrawals to actually be worse than those of the opioids I was previously on in some ways, probably due to the long half life kratom will also be a life saver and much easier to come off of than any other opioid

            • I guess the first thing I should’ve asked though actually was, you don’t by law get a certain percentage of vacation time where you are?

    • Alright mate hope your good i like you was a working somehow functioning users I smoked my heroin on foil so don’t let that old myth of only sniffers or smokers can’t suffer acute withdrawls you will especially using half a g a day just pick the best time possible if you can take a week off work cos you will be sick for 4 days at least and that’s just the physical side maybe try some ibogaine or kratom best of luck in can be done