• ShadedViews posted an update in the group Group logo of KratomKratom 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi I am new here. I’ve been using kratom on and off for quite a while. Looking to ween myself off of it somehow which is difficult because I have very little self control.

    • I also use kratom. My GF keeps it hidden from me so I can only use it during weekends…I also have a hard time having self-control when it comes to using

    • Hobo replied 4 months ago

      What i did was wait till i had a few days off work and went cold turkey. Workout/ sleep off the withdrawal will get you through the worst parts. The biggest problem i had was constantly feeling uncomfortable for about a week afterwards. Dont keep any kratom in the house. As far as withdrawals go its extremely light but i also had trouble motivating myself to get off of it.

    • I also take Kratom and used it to help me with opioid withdrawals…the biggest thing that helped me was to document my daily usage…every single time i dosed i would write down exactly how much i was taking and at what time…in my experience, Kratom is a really thing to just keep taking and taking until it feels like ur abusing it…once you start seeing what your daily usage is, its much easier to adjust and wean…it has a crazy long half life (close to 24 hours i think), so its a slow thing to wean, i personally dont think its dangerous as long as you control your dosage…document everything, then you can get to a level you are comfortable taking daily or whatever, when i first started i was taking about 30 grams the first time i documented, i just sort of kept this number in mind and made it a small goal to take just a little bit less every couple days but no pressure, eventually you can get it down, im down to about 15 grams now

      • Hi I’ve just recently heard about using kratom to deal with opioid withdrawal, so I know nothing about it…can you advise me on how to work out how much to use? Justine