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  • Sergio77 posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    the headaches only get worse for me, as i complete 2 weeks off the joint. they get particularly worse when my two little girls start screaming or fighting, which is pretty often. I’m really tense right now,this is becoming harder and harder. it should pass in a couple of hours though. may the forcebe with me and stuff.

    • Off the joint as in marijuana withdrawals? Regardless of the substance, I feel for you man. Detox is such a horrific experience.

    • Best of luck to you man, Marijuana detox is no joke, i don’t care what anyone says. I feel for you and am rooting for you, fam.

      • Thanks dudes.I’m moving forward,definately.Headaches have sort of disappeared,anxiety is lower now.i seem to get less angry recently.That was one of the worst aspects of leaving my dayly consumption,the constant anger and flipping out,getting triggered and stuff like that.Things feel a lot more peaceful now,but i don’t feel anywhere near “done”…[Read more]

  • Sergio77 posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hey there,just registered while on a two week vacation.still figuring out how to use the site though,havent had much time to check it with the trips to the beach (with the 4 kids and my wife,of course).Peace!

  • Sergio77 posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 1 year, 1 month ago

    I’ve decided to become a very ocasional smoker. i mean, i love how weed gets me that instant high, but my daily usage of 0,2 grams per night for about 12 years were really starting to get to me in a very negative way. i already kicked alcohol after nearly 22 years of on and off alcoholic behaviors (more on than off though, whole different story).…[Read more]

    • Hey man, marijuana withdrawals are no fucking joke. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ve detoxed off opiates and marijuana was no picnic in comparison. There’s not much that helps. Exercise kinda helps, but in reality you gotta gut through it one day at a time. I wish there was something I could do to help you. I can tell you looking back I’m glad…[Read more]

      • it gets very dark at times…especially when the family starts fighting around me,as if the headaches alone weren’t enough hell..i already feel that i have beaten alcohol(which was no picnic either) …but i dare say that these two weeks off pot have been way worse than my first two weeks without alcohol (probably because i kept smoking every…[Read more]

        • I want to thank you. I thought I was the only one at a time but you’re helping spread awareness on marijuana withdrawal. It’s a very real thing. When I opened up about it tons of people related. It sucks ass, you can’t sleep, feel pleasure, eat much, anxiety, racing thoughts, depression, etc.

          • Yup. When withdrawals start making an appearance,pot addiction is only funny when you’re blazed enough to not feel the symptoms.Of course,i can only speak for myself,but it seems to be a thing,and the weed culture of these days is in such denial that it will brainwash users into disregarding symptoms that can appear as soon as 24 hours after you…[Read more]


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