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    hello! I’m new to this “drug” world, idk lol, um I have been smoking weed for about 5 months now and I was wondering is salvia kinda simular to weed? I have anxiety and weed honestly helps, though the downs are bad but I just take my medication and it helps, I am trying out new things and would want to know more information about this drug. Oh and it’s very hard for me to get addicted, tried alcohol, nicotine, weed, I only like the buzz of weed but hate the taste and smell.

    • Do not take salvia!#!!!!!

    • Salvia and weed carry some similarities in the paranoia that’s hard to describe, but Salvia is way stronger… I’m assuming you saw my video on it I released on YouTube today? It’s not a joke at all, most terrifying thing I’ve went through. I regret using it because of the post traumatic stress it caused.

    • I ain’t going to stop you, but did you ever have a “bad trip” on canabis? The moment you think I had a bad day and all I want to do is smoke one and chill, and instaid smoke one and instaid of chill you are stuck in a panic attack, filled with anxiety, feeling like the walls are coming closser and closser and a minute feels like a hour, being so cold you think you are actually already death? (That was my first experience with canabis lol, good old days) well that is pretty easy to fix with vitamine c and sugar but I hope you already know that.

      Well if you ever had that and didn’t know how to handle that, please stay away from salvia.
      In general I would say don’t go near it, but I can’t forbid you if you set your mind to it. So yea
      But why change something you are good with? As long as you can chill with canabis just keep it with that.

      Okay back to the bad trip, with canabis you can pretty easy break it or know that ones that time period it over it is over. Well take away the sugar and vit C option, don’t know if they would help to be honest but there wouldn’t be a way you would eat or drink it anyway so it would be irrelevant. Now take away the ability to know what time it is, how far you are in and how much longer you have to go. Because if you go pretty deep time changes into nothing more than a concept, you wouldn’t be able to trust anything you see anyway, you can think you are 4 hours in and only 2 minutes have pasted in life, can you imagion being stuck in living hell for 9 months? (in your head)?
      And what I just described wasn’t even the worst one but the one that might be slightly describable in words.

      If you ask my opinion stay away from it, relax with a good joint and enjoy life,
      Because I also remember saying the words it is very hard for me to get addicted XD living in that state of mind is a blessing and a curse, a blessing because you still don’t know better, a curse because you will drop into a black hole sucking everything out of you till you are just a shell of yourself.

      That being said if you are still interested, get someone that can easly overpower you to babysit you, wear comfy clothing (before you think it tries to strangle you) and have fun I guess?

      Have a nice day.

      • I have never actually had a bad trip on weed, I probably will stay away from salvia, just very curious about all these things, I find it interesting how with certain drugs, the brain will just kinda change its way and its vision.

        • Yea I probably shouldn’t use the term bad trip because it is more like starting off in the wrong mindsett or thinking prosses. But the end result is the same.

          I understand the curiousity and the wish to understand.
          But do you know the saying “curiosity killed the cat”?
          Please don’t become the cat.

          There are more ways to learn about things than trying them. Learn to look trough other peoples eyes with your own. Observe, read, learn to widen your own thinking patern without using it. Apparently meditation might help with that.
          Talk to as many people as you can on here and and if possible in real life.

          But yea as I said there is no way for us to stop you. But please do research and be smart about it. But I think you are.

          So yea long story short, meditation, observation and information.

          Take care ^^

        • Pls be self aware of your curiosity. I made my life very hard by not doing my research before trying somthing, i commend u for obviously doing so. I won’t try to nag u out of experimenting but i urrrge u to be very self aware. Always be asking yourself is this worth doing. I beg you to use caution and always put buisness before pleasure. Keep in touch girl!

        • Just wanna also say i get it. Drugs are fun as fuck! ..at first..
          Like a rollercoaster is fun at first. Imagine being on one that seemed like itd never end tho. This is my best way of explaining why my dumb ass did drugs for years n years. Now im 33 .. Iam putting my life together as if i was 18.. I am only now learning how to be responsible becuase choosing fun and the feelings of being high or having an altered state of mind apparently meant more to me then doing the basic things in life ppl do. Keep a job/and an apartment.. Driving a car. . having a kid or caring husband.. Fuck.. Have kids, hobbies, travel ect… These are things i unknowingly gave up to my curiosity.. Just such a waste of time in the end :/

          • For the record again.. Salvia Not fun ever. Terrifying really is the best way to describe that shit. Very gross drug. The only drug i only tried once n saud FUCK THAT! Tg the effects are quick i may have had a heart attack fr

            • thank you for undertsnading and for replying to me without being judgemental haha i am actually researching a lot and being very cautious, I listen to all of cg kid’s videos and he explain the dangers of those drugs and it really is just curiosity, my brother got into drugs way before than me and I knew how to not touch that until I decided one day I wanted to know how it was like 🙂 thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it and wish to keep in touch with you guys:)