• ricardo.13619619 posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    @philip last night I couldn’t sleep and the 2 hours I cought of sleeping I had a dream about meth it was weird because you said that on one of your vids I saw like 10 of them

    • Yeah bro, it’s just a dream is my best advice. Brush it off and keep going. But I know how hard that is, it gets a lot easier to deal with. Are you going to any support groups?

    • Hopefully yes pretty soon you think there’s any free ones ?

      • Yeah, AA, NA, SMART Recovery (more group therapy style). AA and NA can come off as religious with their praying and God bombs but there’s a lot of good for one bad. Having local supportive friendships with likeminded people that have longterm sobriety is a big plus. Having a place to go when you’re down or craving. Getting out of your head by helping or listening to others. A lot of pros.

      • If you Google “SMART Recovery” or “AA near me” you’ll find one for sure. I prefer AA because I get triggered at NA, but everyone’s different and every group is different. I’d shop around if the first one makes you uncomfortable.

    • Gotcha ima look into that man you ever thought about having more people on your youtube show and talk about their experiences my problem is anxiety and depression

      • For sure, also on the website. @mishell was the first content video submission by a member for this site, I’m excited to publish it 🙂

    • Hell yeah dude I like to see different aspects you know