• CG Kid posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    A lot of you notice I’m rarely if ever here. I got really hurt when Google censored all addiction blogs unless it’s written by a doctor August 2018 with what’s called the medic update. Initially I was going to wait it out, but it’s only getting worse with an app getting banned two months ago. My solution is remove the addiction blogs and make it a personal blog about healthy living, movies I like, relationships, etc. I get tired talking about addiction and y’all get it from my videos. That and it’s hurting this site. Anyways the site will be down for a few days while I go through and rebrand it. All guest blogs will be saved and available upon request but I can’t keep them live. We will still discuss addiction here and in the chat nothing else is changing. Just the blog and ability to submit content outside of email. Also the homepage will change a bit. I am removing the forum for now because it’s not used and gets tons of bot attacks.

    • that’s such a shame google is fucking you over, this site is great and only serves to help those in need 🙁

    • We’re the modern day lepers. No one wants to be associated or support those whom are involved with the broken.

      We are a product of a failed society that’s so sick it drives it’s son’s and daughters to self medicate.

      Only to be branded criminals, rejects, and undesirables.

      We’re the lost forgotten children of human history.

      I say if they don’t care or want to understand why their legacy is on it’s knees and dying, fuck em.

      I just simply shrug and say “See all you mothafukers in hell.”

      • CG Kid replied 1 week ago

        Relate… It is annoying but I don’t give up. We don’t have a lot of members but this experience is so much cleaner than typical social media I love it. 🙂 I’m finally accepting I can move beyond the Google thing and be here more often, especially after I remodel a bit.