• Okaydude666 posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    i recently attempted suicide and got hospitalized and am in a really weird place right now everyones telling me how close to death i was and i just feel so indifferent towards the whole thing?

    • I can slightly relate man. You’re not alone. It’s probably a strong feeling of disconnect. Extremely low inhibition. Drugs make it worse. A lot worse. It may take some time for you to “give a fuck”. As normies would say. But honestly man you gotta get that instinctual drive to live. You need to feel like shit has value. But drugs ain’t going to help you. I’d recommend checking into a rehab if you are using or just relapsed. Or if you’re completely sober, I’d go to somewhere anyway. It could help you feel different than what you’re feeling right now. Also remember to drink water and eat food. So easy to forget how blurry our feelings get when we out of fuel. Just don’t think about dying bro. Death ain’t a joke. You may not give a shit rn but you will if you stay strong. You’re on the quest for a fuck to give. I recommend going to get food or rehab as I’ve said. Maybe go to a pet store. Pets help build moral.

      • the only drug i’ve used is weed but i was smoking 3-5 times a day to cope with how shitty i was feeling, i want to try and cut it down as i think it was adding to the bad feelings i was having about myself. I actually start at a partial hospitalization on Monday and I’m staying optimistic. I definitely need to improve on my eating habits as well