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    hello, I’m 23 and weed quickly went from being a fun hobby to my only source of escape when i started smoking it more regularly at the beginning of last year and its taken me so long and thousands of dollars, a good fraction of that going towards pipes various sorts because to me, nothing beat the first hit out of a new piece. On top of that it has absolutely destroyed my self worth and ability to handle with daily life , I intend on just cutting it down to once or twice a week at least for the time being as I know I am not ready to let go of this substance since it has helped me greatly in other areas, I just cant let myself get lost in it again.
    I would love to talk with anyone going thru or has been through this!

    • Im trying to stop after.. Hang on..
      . 18 yrs of daily use. I had to count.. Again. Ive stopped before cus didnt have any. I liked the clear minded days i had stuff to do but boring times were shitty and trying to sleep was the worst. I was close then found a hook up so im gonna start to taper down. Going to take alot of will power to remeber why its not gonna be for me anymore. Remind myself of the benefits stopping will bring until im able to feel em for myself. Best of luck bud ❤

      • thats one of my biggest problems with stopping actually, my hook up is less than a ten minute walk away from my house and it’s just so automatic for me to buy weed now that I sometimes I don’t even realize it till im almost there and it’s too late to back out. I wish you luck as well! 🙂

        • Thats the point im realising. I have to find it in me to be more self aware and not so careless.. For me ..i posted above my health issues.. I am 33.. I fucked around too long. I have a chance at a good life but it means no more weed. For me ive lived shitty long enough i think im willing to accept that and strive for it like never before!