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  • Okaydude666 posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    i have such a negative view towards myself and everyone else, I can’t stop these invasive thoughts that tell me everyone in my life actually hates me 🙁 I’ve always had that fear but its gotten to the point where those thoughts follow me thru out the entire day. My therapist thinks that my heavy weed usage could be a factor and I’m inclined to…[Read more]

  • i cant stay present no matter how hard i try, i can’t tell whats actually happened and whats a dream especially when it comes to work

  • hows everyone doing today??

  • i hate partial hospitalization programs, i’ve always had really unpleasant experiences with them I wish I just stayed in the hospital instead

  • i recently attempted suicide and got hospitalized and am in a really weird place right now everyones telling me how close to death i was and i just feel so indifferent towards the whole thing?

    • I can slightly relate man. You’re not alone. It’s probably a strong feeling of disconnect. Extremely low inhibition. Drugs make it worse. A lot worse. It may take some time for you to “give a fuck”. As normies would say. But honestly man you gotta get that instinctual drive to live. You need to feel like shit has value. But drugs ain’t going to…[Read more]

      • the only drug i’ve used is weed but i was smoking 3-5 times a day to cope with how shitty i was feeling, i want to try and cut it down as i think it was adding to the bad feelings i was having about myself. I actually start at a partial hospitalization on Monday and I’m staying optimistic. I definitely need to improve on my eating habits as well

  • I feel like I am so close to the next major step towards becoming the person I want to be but there’s so much anxiety and emotional pain that I just can’t seem to let go of

  • Okaydude666 posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    hello, I’m 23 and weed quickly went from being a fun hobby to my only source of escape when i started smoking it more regularly at the beginning of last year and its taken me so long and thousands of dollars, a good fraction of that going towards pipes various sorts because to me, nothing beat the first hit out of a new piece. On top of that it…[Read more]

    • Im trying to stop after.. Hang on..
      . 18 yrs of daily use. I had to count.. Again. Ive stopped before cus didnt have any. I liked the clear minded days i had stuff to do but boring times were shitty and trying to sleep was the worst. I was close then found a hook up so im gonna start to taper down. Going to take alot of will power to remeber why…[Read more]

      • thats one of my biggest problems with stopping actually, my hook up is less than a ten minute walk away from my house and it’s just so automatic for me to buy weed now that I sometimes I don’t even realize it till im almost there and it’s too late to back out. I wish you luck as well! 🙂

        • Thats the point im realising. I have to find it in me to be more self aware and not so careless.. For me ..i posted above my health issues.. I am 33.. I fucked around too long. I have a chance at a good life but it means no more weed. For me ive lived shitty long enough i think im willing to accept that and strive for it like never before!

  • hey there! I hope that we can build a wonderful community together!


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