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    Hey. I’m 17 and I’m fairly new to the meth experience. When I first started using I used basically everyday for a month straight. I saw the effects it was having on me and luckily I was able to find support with my grandma when I moved in with her. The first month of being here I felt great. My grandma and I connected because my grandfather was a “speed freak”. In the end the drug made him take someone’s life and then it eventually took his. Sadly after a month of not using I picked it up again. I’m ashamed and worried of what my grandma will say and think when she catches on that I’ve been using again. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about these things so I’m glad I could find somewhere I could let it out. Thank you

    • I know how cutting it can be for you. As everytime I use my parents take it very personally as if me hurting myself hurts them directly that’s just the way it is with loved ones. I would definitely say keep it a secret as no one can ever understand unless they have used themselves and they may just judge you way too much which will make you want to use more