• nickn420 posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Having withdrawals…fuck my life no 16 year old should be dealing with this.

    • Honestly man with ur age and the things u say u do in school, I would tell myself that everything in my life will fall apart if i dont stop. Then id go to anyone close to u n tell them wat uve been doing n that u gotta stop. I haven’t done xanax but ik how it feels to run out of coke n wat helped me the most was taking the little money i had for my next gram and buying enough weed to last me a week. For me it helped with my nonexistent appetite and let me fall asleep. I hope this helps but keep in mind this worked for me and everyone’s different, so if this doesn’t work for u find something that will. Were all rooting for u man

    • What substance?

      • Benzos

        • I would ween off of it slowly until I was down to 1 mg, then stop.
          Do not stop cold turkey…or if you do, go to a hospital since withdrawal from benzos can be very dangerous, even deadly…