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  • MOZZ posted an update 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    The mind is so amusing,
    So I got drunk tonight. Which alcohol is a drug I cannot do in moderation . Some medicines as far as hallucinogens I can handle. I say medicine instead of drugs because the motive is spiritually instead of recreationally.
    But alchohol, I know better

    • Alcohol is an underestimated hard drug for sure…

    • I live in Finland,so the Alcohol REALLY is a big issue in here. I can smoke countless amounts of weed, however 2-3 pints and a toke – i will be blacking out throwing up all over the places… Weed (or alcohol) alone does not do that for me.

  • MOZZ posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    So I just got back from the hospital to visit a friend I was in treatment with. He overdosed Sunday and was still in the emergency room. He was still in treatment but now has been kicked out because it’s his 2nd relapse. I hate it man. The look on his face. A bit depressed, confused, disoriented, just really down which is expected. A lot of…[Read more]

    • Well it didnt post a pic but anyway he looks depressed

    • It’s crazy the insanity of addiction. People you last think would relapse do, and when they do everything under the sun tells them if they use they’ll die but they keep going. I have a friend who can’t seem to get it and has been trying for 6 years with brief moments of sobriety. Recently, he got an abcess from shooting heroin that was so bad he…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update 7 months ago

    Hello fellow recovering junkies and ones still in the mix.
    I’m still alive and sober thank God. I haven’t eaten my mushrooms yet though. Lol.
    So I’ve told you all before that I was in treatment for 2 years and wasn’t allowed to communicate with women. So now when I’m around them I’m super awkward. Part of why I used was to be more social…[Read more]

    • You have all ur life to practice talking to girls. The one thats worth it wont care if u have a few akward sentences . ur good dude. Dont overthink us. The good ones u dont have to worry about being perfect.. Hell u men work so hard to learn how to talk to us. Then in a few months we just part of the furniture anyways. Dont sweat it lol

  • MOZZ posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    It’s been a couple weeks since my last update…
    Over a month out of treatment. I have a car now, a home with 2 recovering addicts as roommates, attending around 5 meetings a week, still working with a sponsor at least once a week. Still no dates and by choice. I’ve noticed I’m more particular of women than I was prior to treatment. As in…[Read more]

    • Keep God in your heart. Life is full of ups and downs. The more i try to live as he intends the closer i feel to him and the more assured i am that im on the right path. When im not doing right by the Lord i feel a disconnect. I feel i am doing wrong. I do my best to use the next day to get back on track.
      Try not to focus on having a woman in…[Read more]

      • Thanks a lot. Yeah I’m not very focused on any relationships yet. Although I desire one eventually. Emotional investments probably should wait I agree.
        I didn’t make it to feed the homeless today.:( It’s raining here and my ride fell through. I didn’t want to drive my car over an hour away in the inner city. I still don’t fully trust it yet.…[Read more]

    • Absoultely not, I’d consider calling someone an asshole more of a relapse than taking shrooms. Relapse is returning to a previous condition which is a living problem more than a drug problem.

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months ago

    So I bought my car this past weekend. I got pulled over twice on my way to get plates. Crazy right? It felt so good to be confident and secure. Things are working out so far being 3 weeks out of treatment. I appreciate you all on here . Even the ones that relapsed below this post. I know from what you share that I’m only one bad decision away from…[Read more]

    • This makes me feel a lil better about posting bout my relapses.. Its hard not to feel some shame in it but im glad it was worth somthing to someone. I usually am the one giving an ear or advice and i cracked myself which i didnt wanna say cus i didnt want my slip to discourage others. I may not have had anything bad happen from it but i know i…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months ago

    Sup beautiful souls?
    Sorry it’s been a week since an update. Life’s been super fast since I left treatment 2 weeks ago.
    I’ve moved in with 2 others in recovery, got a bedroom set, bought a car with outrageous D.U.I. insurance. I’m still setting things up but it’s all working out.
    I’m trying to hit 3 meetings a week and it’s been working. I…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    So I went to my first concert sober! Successfully! I was a bit nervous at first but I took a accountability partner with me. Someone in recovery. I met a couple others in recovery also.
    Sure I thought about drinking. But I played it forward and knew how dissapointed my friends would be, how I’d have a 15$ beer and have to have one more… Lol. I…[Read more]

    • That’s awesome! I go to concerts as well and am convinced I get more turned up than the drunk people lol.

    • Wow! So proud of you 😙 I am not ready for steps like this now… trigger 😑

      • I think it’s important to know our boundaries and how to cope with them. Ive been clean a little over 2 years so ive had a bit of practice in dealing with triggers.
        @philip Yeah you’re right man. By the time Slayer was on at the end my cousin and his family were stumbling all around in a drunken haze and I’m running circles around them headbanging lol

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Oh…. BTW I’m going to see slayer Friday. It’s their last tour. And as a get out of rehab gift to myself I got a little ink… On both arms. IMG_20180806_001231_305

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Just an update,
    3 days out or treatment. I got my visits from my family which is like 2 people in this state.
    Everything is happening so fast man. I’m at a coworkers house now safe. I’m basically couch surfing until the weekend.
    some graduates from my program are moving me in their extra room this weekend. Which is a total blessing because…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    As some of you know I’ve left treatment today.
    I had to get all of my stuff and it was so stressful man.
    I had an experience I need to share.
    I took my friend to a Waffle House because he helped me move my things and give me a ride. I was so nervous about talking to the director of our rehab because I knew he’d be upset for me leaving. After…[Read more]

    • Beautiful story <3 It made me smile 🙂

    • Beautiful story! I relate to being overly-compassionate and worrying about how other people will feel or react, it’s still something I struggle with but recognize. It sounds like you’re on a good path and know what’s best for you at the time. I remember being terrified leaving sober living after inpatient, that fear can be a driving force to do…[Read more]

    • Love u man! You can do this. God sends so many signs n msgs. Its up to us to be open to recieving them. We all here for u every step!

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    So tomorrow is the big day. I’m leaving treatment. I’ve been here 2 years to the day. In order to graduate I have to get a place here which means signing a year lease. I still have issues with commitment. So I’m not graduating but leaving on my own free will. I’ll move in with a sober roommate at some point. For now it’s couch surfing.
    I feel…[Read more]

    • Wow you’ve come so far! I’m here if you need someone to talk to 🙂 keep us updated! Tell us how you feel day by day. I find it very releasing to post my thoughts here on SP. All in all, relax you are doing really good 💙

    • WE do have a higher power. Trust he is guiding u and w u at all times. If u feel good in ur gut about the choices ur making in a not so easy situation it is probably the right one. Talk to God. He will open doors for u! I just logged on to make a post along those lines and read ur post first. God is opening so many doors for me its unfriggin…[Read more]

    • I’ll keep you in my prayers! I’m here as well!

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    I took this picture a while back. I remember I got some weird analog called AL-LAD from the internet and tried it out. Man I laughed so hard when I came across this I puked.
    Here in Atlanta weaves are everywhere man.
    I introduce you to “the tumbleweave”😂😂😂 IMG_20150610_000524

    • Lmao! How was AL-LAD? I’ve heard some crazy things about it lol. I won’t lie, I was tempted to order 1P-LSD cause I’ve never done LSD before :p.

      • AL-Lad had great visuals that were similar to Lsd. But none of the mind games Lsd has. It seemed more tolerable in public. Or maybe if I took more it wouldn’t have been so graceful. With Lsd I tend to get super paranoid around crowds. This day I walked all over Atlanta.
        I also use to do a lot of D. O. I. Years ago when I was inexperienced with…[Read more]

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈😆😆😆😆😆😆 that made my day! Hahahahahha wow

  • MOZZ posted an update in the group Group logo of MethamphetamineMethamphetamine 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello fellow shard tards. I have a question. I’ve been on this group since I joined shameless protocol. But I can’t respond to anyone’s post under groups. There is no reply arrow.
    Do we have to be friends to respond?
    @philip are you aware of this? I have noticed you can reply to any of the posts

    • I’m looking into this now

    • Yeah, this was a bug that wasn’t affecting me. It should have been resolved just now. Thanks for bearing with me guys! As soon as substantial revenue comes in I’m going to re-invest in fine-tuning and adding functionality.

      • It’s all good. We’re all grateful for your work man. I hope I can contribute as you have in my own ways.

  • MOZZ posted an update 8 months, 4 weeks ago

    One of the benefits of being sober is not going g to jail. I looked up all my mugshots from age 18 to 32. 23 times in hand cuffs and all drug and alcohol related. Im 34 now BTW. I’ve been sober 2 years and haven’t been to jail since.
    Also I just finished up 2 years of probation today.!! Whoop whoop 4284998220180329_203402

  • MOZZ posted an update 9 months ago

    So I’m still in treatment and I put in my first application for an apartment. It’s convenient and walking distance from a gym (a big part of my recovery) and AA /na meetings (also a big part of my recovery).
    I made a decision that I will put in applications for a place until my paperwork comes in the mail for my drivers license. If it does come…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update in the group Group logo of DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) 9 months ago

    So my friend use to extract this stuff from mimosa hostilis back like 5~8 years ago. Only a certain group of us would do it. I got it super cheap like 50 a g. This is back when you could order the shit off eBay. The mimosa.
    Dmt has definitely been the most intense and bizarre shit I have ever experienced. I would binge on it ever so often and…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update 9 months ago

    In one week I will have successfully served out 2 years of probation and D.U.I. court. I’m currently in a sober living home and have been the two years. I could graduate where I am if I find a place to rent. My director wants me to find a place here in this town and live alone. Sounds good and all but I really miss some people. Not the junkies I…[Read more]

    • My advice.. Take a deeeep breath. U have soooo much time. I work w sr’s us 30somthins are babies still! Dont feel like it sometimes but it aint over till its over. And its long from then. I too am dealing w anxiety of my living situation. I try not to think too far ahead.. I think id encourage the advise to start fresh where u r for Now.. Ur loved…[Read more]

      • MOZZ replied 9 months ago

        I appreciate your suggestions. I know everything works out the way it suppose to anyway. Just gotta be super cautious

        • 100. Today i sit at the courthouse in another town to see if my man gonna be released. He called me last night drunk af freakin out then i heard the cops take him down then they said they are gonna arrest him for assting a cop…. I think this will be the last time i can be here for him. I dno he has a bottom if jail dont knock some sense into…[Read more]

          • Anna replied 9 months ago

            Oh god this sounds like hell! 🙁 I’m here for you if you need me!

          • MOZZ replied 9 months ago

            Sorry to read about your situation @mishell. We’re all a bit codependent. When it starts harming yourself though is when it is a true issue. I’m not ready for a relationship myself. I definitely have codependent issues that cause harm to both her and I. I’ve learned so much the last couple years here. My past girlfriends were a reflection of…[Read more]

  • MOZZ posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    I’m convinced it’s a disease of the mind. What’s your take on it? FB_IMG_1522464448449

  • MOZZ posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Today I seen a man that had 7 years clean pick up a white chip today. I’ve seen him sponsor newcomers and get them sober. Crazy man. When I first got sober I put people on a pedestal that had a year or more clean. To me they were God’s and I couldn’t look them in the eyes or shake their hands. Today that man couldn’t look me on the eyes as he…[Read more]

    • Yet another example of the progressiveness of this disease. We clean up physically, work steps, help others…even abstain from active use for long periods of time. The disease doesn’t give a fuck. Life is lived one day at a time–pride goes before a fall.

  • MOZZ posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    A blunt way of putting it but pretty accurate. 😁 70961b6e5fe0aeaf47f9302ebb622d30

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