• mishell posted an update 4 months ago

    SUPER heavy heart this morning 🙁
    I work w the elderly, and for one client I could not help but become close.
    Recently she has been declining, and her care was palliative. .
    This morning I woke to find out that I will not be going to see her as she passed last night w family surrounding her body and her beautiful soul.
    Completly at rest and very comfortable. Ready to go home to her maker who I have no doubt was waiting w wide open arms.
    This is how life should end, it is what we all seem to wish for, to pass peacfully in sleep knowing we will be greeted by our God and passed loved ones….. however Im sure many of us who struggle w substances can only dream of a passing of this sort.. or maybe we think there is no God and nothing would matter if we gave up now… I want to take this opportunity to say that there is SOOO much more life left to live, and for some that actually sounds dreadful.. I get it… for what its worth, if you read this, try to remember the big picture that is life.. we are in our teens 20s 30s 40s 50s and so on… we can reach old age.. we can get past what we are currently going through.. I promise it IS possible. trust your future. trust yourself… if youve struggled what to you feels a long time… remember the big picture.. there can be so much more time to your life no matter how much you may feel you wasted using substance. Never give up because if you do believe in God or a higher power, he loves you, he forgives you, and he is always ready and willing to be there for you if you just ask. We are not alone. we are not scum, and we are worth the fight and effort it takes to get and stay clean. Let the old man die, dont worry about the past, dont dwell on the past… tomorrow is not promised, but it is a new day, and they are sometimes good, somtimes bad, but they are YOURS to do with.. we have to find in ourselves what makes us want to escape.. we have to be strong, we have to forgive ourselves and we must arm ourselves w tools of prevention becuause we deserve to live, EVERYone of us.. lastly .. we need each other.. we are connected but first we must remember we are not alone. we are not bad. and we are imperfect. so do what you can to try to love yourself today regardless of any mistakes or bad choices… its gonna be okay. sending so much love out to everyone.. Ill be around if anyone wants to talk, send me a msg. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    …RIP beautiful lady, youve fought lifes final war with pain and now you can rest…

    • Death is so painful 🙁 I’m glad you’re remaining positive! I’m here for you anytime!

      • thanks CG. I chose to work close to those who are transitioning into the last years of their lives so thankfully I am well educated in handling it.. but I am glad I have a councilor who specializes in care aid grief along w all the other crap haha.. thanks again, this one was a little tougher, im a lot better today tho.. poor lady, im happy she can rest, genuinely.