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  • mishell posted an update 3 months ago

    Ive been busy in my oen life last lil while, i always encourage anyone to msg me privatly if need someone to reach out to..
    I may not respond right away, but i do always respond.
    If your serious about needing to get off meth, thats where i can offer the most advice . . its possible to stop if your strong enough to be open to stopping. I take…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 4 months ago

    I can help support anyone stuck in the cycle of meth or w someone u love and they seem to be stuck.. Pls msg me. I been there. There is life after meth. . there is hope for you. So much love to these ppl. Its a living hell, but there is hope. . pls pm me directly

  • mishell posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    SP GIRLS R KICKIN ASS N LOVIN LIFE AGAIN! Such awesome updates, and to speak for myslef, life is better then it ever has been for me.. Im all smiles today for us. This site works. U get what u put in and to have sp to connect in hard times and share the good ones w ppl who normally cant relate to others is truly beautiful. Thank you always CG for…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Really needing some prayers, good vibes n energy that we get this place or find somthing before the first. Waiting to hear back. Tryin not to sweat but ya know that clock is always tickin’..

  • mishell posted an update 5 months ago

    So i drank some buds n did some coke. Next morning had a bad chs attack and went to emergency. Pumped me full of drugs to feel better. Toaday i feel so weak n fuzzy. I think im just to old for this shit. I can party now n then w out it becoming a life problem. But i think my body is telling me its over

    • Glad to hear you are OK Mishell 🙂 That must have been scary!

    • Last time I did coke I had a 3 day anxiety attack…I dont know if its the stuff their cutting it with, but fuck….

    • Ugh Mishell! Glad you’re okay. But I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Of course it’s okay to have a good time every once in a while, we all need that. But maybe ultimately this is a good thing for you. It’s just a reminder of why you need to live life clean. I’m here for you if you need anything! ❤️

    • Hope your feeling better soon! Many people underestimate the debilitating power of anxiety but I’m sure you’ll figure it out and get it under control. If you havnt told a doctor yet about your anxiety from the cocain you’d probably be presently surprised by the doctors reaction, they’re not foreign to party drugs and have people talk to them about…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Yay im back! Havent been able to use sp except for chat! I finally pushed through by clicking on an email notification lol

  • mishell posted an update 5 months, 4 weeks ago

    My phone won’t let me acess chat or messages ..working alot and refound my addiction to the sims 3.. Lol i am here though! . soon ill be able to afford a decent phone and ill be more active .. Love u all ❤

    • You are awesome ^^ i care about you <3

    • What device is this? You mean the apps and website?

      • im on the cheapest lg phone you can buy lol. its a giant piece of crap but it gives me my basics which is all i need in life right now as i know better things are to come. i no longer care to put worldly wants before doing what i gotta do to fufill the reason i was put on this earth. but ya haha getting kinda deep there lol.. i usually use the…[Read more]

        • o sweety, there is the messenger app for SP, you most likely installed the other shameless protocol app(I can’t find messages there).
          for the site itself use the Progressive web app for the best result. (going to the site on your browser(chrome) on your phone, press the 3 dots next to the url and press add to home screen.)

  • mishell posted an update 6 months ago

    I just got a permanent position at work!!! Thank you God!!

  • mishell posted an update 6 months ago

    I just got a permanent position at work!!! Thank you God!!

  • mishell posted an update 6 months ago

    Having issues logging in i think it’s my shitty phone. I’m okay and thinkin of you all ❤

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Fpr those who belive in God. Im askomg for prayer. Today was very challenging and painful. I can smell the demons around me and i ask God in Jesus name to fight them for me as these one’s have so much power. Only God and his angels can protect me . the pull to use is great .But i refuse satins ways and know i will not use. I could use any extra…[Read more]

    • I hope everything is going a little better by now. I love you and know you are stronger. We might not believe in the same god but a little extra strenght send from above is always a good thing. <3 *mindhug*

    • Tha ks noodz. Im okay. Next few weeks will be tuff for me but im gonna figure it out.

      • If on any moment you think about giving up, feel free to send me a message, I’m not that good of a talker but I’m always willing to listen. <3 I care about you sweety.

    • Anna replied 6 months ago

      I’m thinking of you! Sending you love 💖 you can fight through!

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    I just woke up to a blessing from God. Ive been so broke it hurts. I been trying to be humble tho n get thru till payday. I have had my dad send me money so many times, this time i was gonna bypass asking him to bail me out. Today i woke up after a yucky dream to my dad messaging me saying he sent me $100! .. A day after going to church. There…[Read more]

    • I’m happy for you and words can’t express how grateful I am for your continued support of others. I’m glad you brought up the God subject, many cringe lol I deal with it daily. I think a higher power can be anything outside yourself and the point of it is we have to dissolve our ego, it’s impossible to do without accepting there are things greater…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Today has been trying.. Hangin in.

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Im being tested i think. I think im passing so far. I work really hard, cover all bills, am too broke to eat or even catch the bus to work sometimes. No smokes usually so life should be miserable.. And i do have my moments. But everyday I thank God for my blessings. He has plans for me and right now I just must be humble and get though the hard…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Overdue. Going to church tomorrow ❤ soul could use it for sure

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good morning SP 😍 20180907_064122

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Back to what I love doing most , working. Cut down big time on pot. Health is calming. And it feels good to find a few moments to check out my fave ppl here at SP. Thank you for the beautiful compliments cg /noodles! Made me smile! Made my day! Good luck will be thinkin bout u noodz, keep us posted. Much love to you all ❤

    • Much love back! I wish I loved working lol

      • Its exhausting but i mean like what job could ever be more rewarding. I get good pay to help ppl who really need the gentle touch of humanity that im honnored to provide to those who have done their duties on this earth and have earned their time to rest until they reach thier last stop w their maker

    • Love you sweety <3 one day at the time, I'm proud of you cutting down on weed so the health is calming again ^^

      And what compliments? I was just saying the truth. <3

      And I'm as good as healthy if I take my antibiotics so no need to think about me ^^

      Love you sweety

  • mishell posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Had a much harder time saying no last night then i did in the day. Deff took intake way down but to eliminate may be a challenge.. Focusing on saying no as much as i can. Had a puff this am but passed quickly n didnt stay in rotation so i hope thats somthing.. Day 2.. I can smoke a qtr in 24 hrs if being careless so a few puffs is a start..

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    IIIITTss AAALLIIIIIVVEE!! haha cant keep me down. Today is a new day. And guess what so is tomorrow! I think the fact that we get to wake up to another chance everyday is somthing we should try to be greatful for instead of dreading.. Easier said then done some days.. But thats the beauty.. If today and tomorrow happen to suck.. Theres many more…[Read more]

  • mishell posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Noodles is my 60th sp friend ❤😊

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