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    Salvia doesn t pose any problem as far as addiction potential, mostly because its an intense and often nighmarish experience.

    • Not for me, though curiosity can cause problems for some Salvia was just so terrifying I’d never do it again lol.

    • I had a buddy who enjoyed doing it. Dno if got addicted but bought it often. Never understood that cus one puff and i was runnin for the hills 😧

    • I used to buy the 100x extract and had some otherworldy experiences. One time, the most amazing, was a bunch of fractaling patterns and it was just super bright, and I just remember being in awe. My friend that smoked it with me said he had the same thing happen. I did have a really strange experience the other times I did it, where I just felt severely depressed for no reason in particular and I stumbled across the floor, woke up drooling like a madman, lol. It’s definitely a strange drug