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    Has anyone ever had any experience with coming off of an opiate addiction with the help of subutex (buprenorphine)? Also does anyone have any thoughts on how useful it is?

    • I hope you get an answer 🙂

      • I hope so too aha 🙂 the treatment is working well still (still clean from opiates)

    • I have been on suboxone for almost two months now and i feel like i finally getting my life back it is refreshing to not wake up sick anymore and worry what i’m going to do 🙂

      • Tell me about it, it’s liberating, it’s weird though after three days of being on 16mg (up from 12mg) it went back to being alright for 20 hours and then getting a little sick until the next dose at 24 hours. Got a appointment tomorrow so i’ll just ask whats happening then. Hope you are still doing great and stay strong and sober 🙂