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  • Comedown
    My mind is a bullet train going full speed, but there’s not a single conductor nor passanger aboard. No direction, no sense and a complete absence of actual thoughts. The only comprehensible filler of my mind is the overflow of emotions I cannot begin to understand. Hot turns to cold, cold turns to hot. I burn, I freeze, I dethaw, I go…[Read more]

  • KingofDead posted an update in the group Group logo of ADHD MedicationADHD Medication 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    So in October I first tried vyvanse, I did 80 mg for my first time, I loved it and later that month got a prescription. Now I’m prescribed 30 mg per day. But since I got the prescription I take about 120-200 mg a day. My prescription is supposed to last me a month and doesnt last 2 weeks, I should also mention I am 2 sober from an Oxy/morphine…[Read more]

    • Im sure its not hard to abuse prescriptions when stopping oxy n morpine. Maybe mention to ur dr.. Wish u the best in your journey!


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