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    So, i started with tramadol in 2016 managed to do it max twice a month till january 2018 when i started buying cheap packs of 60 trams and i started self-medicating for my depression etc. It was more like binges than constant dependence(butt i had minor wds after few of the binges) but that changed when i first tried snorting Oxy in i think july 2018, yeah and now i have a habit i was snorting like 80mgs per day month ago and then i started using kratom most days and just doing 10mgs of Oxy few times a few and i can manage it. Run out fo oxy 4 days ago and im okay. Today i waited till 8pm till i dosed kratom and i was kinda ok the whole day but i was definitely in wd just like 5x more bearable than i would get a month ago so im kinda proud but i dont really know what im gonna do i future(opioid wise) bcs i had a lot of psychological problems before i started with any drugs(besides caffeine) and i started self medicating so maybe ill continue to use kratom but i wont to keep my dependece as low as possible. Dont really have any questions just wanted to share lil bit of my story.

    • Sounds like you’re well on your way to heroin.
      Only saying that because you sound a lot like me when I first began opiates.
      I don’t really know many successful people that can keep a tolerance low. Especially self medicating.