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  • jasmyn007 posted an update in the group Group logo of Loved Ones of AddictsLoved Ones of Addicts 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello, I’m 24 y/o from Australia and I have a beautiful partner I have been with for 6 and a half years. About 4 months ago he admitted he has a drug addiction with ice. When he told me I didn’t really know how to act and felt very numb, a few weeks passed and he had a breakdown wanting to quit and it was such a relief. He told his mum and she gav…[Read more]

    • You are very smart in the way ur handling this. First im sorry. This is a horrible drug to see someone be taken over by. Meth messes w ur brain so bad that soon as the person fights for their life it fights to keep tricking the person into thinking they need it and it will help them justify using 3 seconds after knowing they have to stop. Its…[Read more]

      • Ya, same on the reverse. When my ex left me it was the first time I took sobriety serious enough to be honest.

        • He’s been very honest with me which I’m so greatful for because I said I didn’t want lies. His emotions just seem so over the place and he doesn’t care which is so hard to see because he’s a caring person. He suffers depression and anxiety which lead him down this path. He has said he will keep seeing a psychologist, not for the meth but for the d…[Read more]

          • Sorry for the absence. How are you doing.. Cant answer that really. I think if he doesnt want to stop right now he wont.. Maybe if hes seeing a psychologist it may help him to begin to fight, but meth is too strong to beat if u dont wanna fight it unfortunately..

            • Hey mishell, psychologist has actually helped a lot. He’s been speaking of quitting for a while now but last night decided to take the first step to actually do it and get rid of anything associated with it. Told his dad he can’t be around him anymore and has actually taken his car to his mums so he doesn’t have access to drive. Has slept most…[Read more]


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