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    started doing heroin at 26 was looking for mdma and ran into a friend snorted first time evolved to shooting fast make sure you use a clean needle got hep c from it but cured from harvoni Very good times with marijuana closed eye hallucinations and euphoria through the roof Just be very careful and use sparingly or for major pain and yes suboxine is very effective as is marijauna for addiction/getting off stay safe!! No crazy stories for this besides some crazy hallcuinatioins including 2 hours of smiley face emojies colorful lights and a scary ass green face lol ROBOCOUGH.COM for 2 free 500mg small bottles of dxm shipping free just need to upload ID this saved me cause i had no money a week ago for robo Am CLEAN of heroin now it was decent but needs mixing of marijuana or mdma for me i can get it i just choose not to anymore i just stick to weed and my meds sometimes robo