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  • J111111 posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    I’ve tended to use multiple substances, DXM has probably been the most disruptive one to my life. I’m not off everything but I have not used DXM for a month.

    • same here…for some odd reason it feels therapeutic to me, therefore very addictive to me…

  • J111111 posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Around two months ago I tried to stop using all substances, and I had 9 days. I then relapsed, and went back to my old pattern except not quite as bad as it has been before. I’ve recently used DXM on multiple occasions, but I’ve not used it nearly as much as I was a few months ago. I’m trying to stay off DXM now.

  • J111111 posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    I had 9 days off of everything, but yesterday I was drinking and using DXM again after some stressful life stuff happened, and today I am back on day 1. I’m feeling kind of bad, but I also don’t want to get set back to where I was a month or two ago. I want to get right back at this. So that is the update with me.

    • Same here buddy, I was 2 weeks off meth, doing really well with my PHD then Friday night I used again. Now I’m realising at 32 I have to decide what I want for my life. Time to go do that.

    • Good luck guys!

    • message me if you need to talk…

    • Keep going man! DXM is hell. I still struggle with ideas of DXM. I just know it’s really hard to stop once I start or I’d be fine. Even dexing once a week is considered too much by drug users, I wanna Dex everyday. I’ve managed to do the once a month in the past but I spend more time missing dxm than enjoying it.

  • J111111 posted an update 5 months, 1 week ago

    Two months ago I tried to quit drugs, I relapsed big time. Two weeks ago I checked myself into the hospital to get off drugs cause nothing else had worked in years. The day after I got out I got high on weed and DXM. Now I committed to quit everything. I’ve finally opened up to certain family members. I can finally see how my actions hurt not just…[Read more]

    • Good luck man, I m also trying to quit DXM. I use it once a week, every week…

      • If you want you can message me for support…

        • do u use other compounds?

          • I also use kratom, pot, ssri, zyprxa, and ativan

            • I was using DXM more days than not, weed all day every day, and every day I didn’t use DXM I would get drunk on alcohol in the evening.

            • at what dosage? if you dont mind my asking

            • I have most often been using around 700mg or 800mg of DXM, but I’ve gone over 1.5 grams at the highest doses I’ve done. I think my last dose was like 1.7grams. This was all with a tolerance.

            • The withdrawals must be gnarly at that stage right?

            • I was at a point at the start this month where if I went two days off of substances I would give up on the second day I felt so bad, I ended up voluntarily hospitalizing myself for over a week, and I have only used DXM once since getting out. I’m not at a baseline state yet, but I am feeling significantly more ok than before I went to the hospital.

            • Good to hear your ok

            • I know well the lure of substances for i was a alcoholic/polyaddict for over 20 years…still struggling…i managed to get off coke and alcohol…

  • J111111 posted an update in the group Group logo of Dextromethorphan (DXM)Dextromethorphan (DXM) 7 months ago

    I used this stuff a few times a year for a few years. After the first few years however it started escalating until I ended having a major binge on it. After that it has been very hard for me to control and I’ve used it way too much. I’m trying to quit it now.

    • Same, it was a learned addiction for me. Took a while to get into it but when I did I loved it.

  • J111111 posted an update in the group Group logo of MarijuanaMarijuana 7 months ago

    Weed withdrawal is very annoying for me, I just got high on weed after one day off. I’m still trying to quit the other drugs I’ve been using but I just want to be able to eat and sleep normally and not feel irritable all the time.

    • Ya it is annoying af, there are a lot of people that deny it’s existence cause that isn’t their experience which makes it more annoying. They comment on my videos “it ain’t real” meanwhile there’s a thousand comments of people relating to my experience.

    • CG kid is right sometimes I think its based on how attached you have become to it. It’s that well-being feeling it creates for you that is so hard when it’s gone. I promise you though once the withdrawals go you can feel well again you just have to work at it. Good luck dude.

    • My friend and I have smoked weed daily for the past 2 years and he just quit for a full 2 weeks for a drug test, so it can be done! I don’t have enough of a problem with it now that I’ve limited it to once a day. Try doing that. It gives you something to really look forward to after a long day of working hard. You can quit cold turky, but even my…[Read more]

  • J111111 posted an update 7 months ago

    I’m trying to finally actually quit drugs, I got through yesterday which was my first drug free day since May. Now I’m on to day two.

    • You got this man! You already took the biggest step! ^_^

    • Keep pushing forward! You have survived one day, you can and will survive more! It’s all about willpower!

    • I just got high on weed. I was feeling pretty fine the first day, but I was feeling pretty bad today and just wanted to feel normal again. I’m still not drinking alcohol or using DXM which is good, previously I’ve been getting drunk most nights and using DXM multiple days per week so if I can stop those drugs that would be very good for me. I…[Read more]

      • Weed is hard to quit but once it’s done, the withdrawals are over, I felt reborn almost. Better energy, more calm, improved memory, focus, and social ability

  • J111111 posted an update 7 months ago

    I want to stop using drugs starting now. I finally feel something approaching ready. I’m going to try to make tomorrow day one.


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