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    - "too lazy to dress correctly withdrawals literally fuckin me up"View

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    - "A lot of you notice I’m rarely if ever here. I got really hurt when Google censored all addiction blogs unless it’s written by a doctor August 2018 with what’s called the medic update. Initially I was going to […]"View

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    - "I fu@ked up and relasped just cause someone was smoking the shit. I hate it that I have to start over and threw away the three months I did without."View

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    - "Any of you live alone? I find myself lonely late at night, not being able to sleep unless i drink something or smoka da ganja, just to not think about the inevitable heat death of the universe or that one time in […]"View

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    - "Good morning everyone! I’m a newbie. I am having some trouble with app on my iphone. It doesn’t even allow me to log on, just shows the circle of of loading.*** A little about me. I have been in recovery from […]"View

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    - "hi everyone…i am new here.i decided to join this group because i am in trouble relapsed 2 weeks already.hope somebody can share some advices for me,thank you.god bless you"View


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