• Heimrikr posted an update 3 weeks ago

    Constantly shifting back from angry depression and despair…. Kind of exhausting….

    • the best thing you can do is just let your emotions calm. if you feel the exhaustion, and since you’ve realixaed it, try to change the emotion if you can even if it’s just a little thing. Whenever I get riled up from daily life I just think or do small things that make this life a little better. aka sending animal pictures to my partner, or you can just take them by yourself and save it to yourself. Another small thing is taking baths instead of showers/washing your hair more,wearing clothes that are lighter colors, putting on some candles. It’s little things but they may calm you down and let you know little happy content things in life still exist.

      • Hey thanks for the advice. I really do appreciate the concern and your time. I just really wish it was that simple. I have been doing the “take one day at a time and moment to moment” thing for years now. But it’s always felt like I am just telling myself this method will work and I’ll feel better about it all soon just to avoid facing the reality that it’s just not going to happen. And who wants to live in a permanent holding pattern? Waiting for change when there’s no reason nor implication it will. With a hope that just tortures you because it’s really a lie. A coping mechanism because you don’t want to face the the reality of your situation. Clinging to hope because it’s the one last thing you have left.

        Damn hope. It’s a curse not a gift…