• Heimrikr posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Well….. Closing in on day 5 no sleep….severe tremors, uncontrollable shaking, and double vision that occurs about about 3 feet from my face. Skin is experiencing some kind of case of widespread neuropathy… I think I’m past my seizure event threshold. I hope I don’t wake up without a tongue and how do I ensure I sleep on my side??

    Anyway Tomorrow afternoon is my second “interrogation” for the whole co-workers meth use incident. Maybe I should leave a note on the door that says “if I didn’t go to work I probably died from a massive seizure in my sleep. Toss my ass in the landfill and tell my family I was lost at sea fishing. Don’t let them waste my insurance money on some silly funeral for my worthless ass. LOL

    Night folks.