• Heimrikr posted an update 1 month ago

    I’ve been circling the toilet bowl for awhile now…. If this is all there is left in life for me, I’m ready to go now. I don’t want to live in a world where happiness is quantified by their income and faith in the newage religion of Materialism. Mercy is all I have left. When you have no quality of life EVERYTHING is just part of the overall giant shitshow of life….

    • hey this feeling goes away. it’s temporary and since i don’t know you personally i cant say how long it’ll linger but i hope it goes away for you soon. if you feel too clouded with everyone elses materialism, depart from them for a bit and focus worldly things( that arent related materialism) for yourself. this is gunna be the mst baasic info ever but i suggest taking a walk if you can – its probably the most easiest and quickest thing you can do when materialism is clouded around you. idk if this can help you too but im Muslimah and theres a lotta texts that say about not getting caught up in this world + stuff on the Hereafter – the thought of it came up after you said religion