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    After years of trying to understand why many pain killing medications I so desperately needed but yet ruined me, never really were all that effective.

    Science in genetics may finally give all of us including doctors some answers and seriously help some of us that are possibly not self medicating but just simply misunderstood.

    Researchers have found that people of Norwegian descent are at high risk of having a genetic variations or mutations that make potent pain medications essentially useless.

    • Thats interesting…

      • I tried posting the link but the site wouldn’t let me. It simply said “You have posted too many links”

        I was like “DAFUQ? Where??”

        It is interesting. This information And discovery should set precedence for pain patients and for those of different ethnicities as we all are different and unique and thus drugs effect us all differently. I had this same issue. I found it shocking that even this year when I was in the hospital I was given double dose of IV morphine. Didn’t do a damn thing. Felt NOTHING. Doc refused to go for the three times the dose.

        My mom’s side of the family are of Norwegian descent.

      • I went ahead and created a forum thread about it. It allowed me to post the articles link there.